JavaScript Build Tools

Vite is an opinionated web dev build tool that serves your code via native ES Module imports during dev and bundles it with Rollup for production.


The streaming build system What is gulp? Automation - gulp is a toolkit that helps you automate painful or time-consuming tasks in your development workflow. Platform-agnostic - Integrations are built into al


esbuild This is a JavaScript bundler and minifier. It packages up JavaScript and TypeScript code for distribution on the web. Why? Why build another JavaScript build tool? The current build tools for the web are at le

A CLI dashboard for webpack dev server


webpack-dashboard A CLI dashboard for your webpack dev server What's this all about? When using webpack, especially for a dev server, you are probably used to seeing something like this: That's cool, but it's


Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner Documentation Visit the website for all the things. Support / Contributing Before you make an issue, please read our Contributing guide. You can find th


Budibase is an open-source low-code platform that helps developers and IT professionals design, build, and ship business apps 50x faster.


Renovate Automated dependency updates. Multi-platform and multi-language. Why Use Renovate? Receive automated Pull Requests whenever dependencies need updating. Define schedules to avoid unnece

Deco Software
The React Native IDE


The all-in-one solution for building React Native applications. You can get started right away on your React Native project by installing Deco and creating a new project — it's fast and there's no manual setup needed. File


vue-loader webpack loader for Vue Single-File Components NOTE: The master branch now hosts the code for v15! Legacy code is now in the v14 branch. Documentation Migrating from v14 What is


ts-migrate is a tool for helping migrate code to TypeScript. It takes a JavaScript, or a partial TypeScript, project in and gives a compiling TypeScript project out.


A Webpack plugin to inline your critical CSS and lazy-load the rest.


Bundle Buddy Bundle Buddy is a tool to help you find source code duplication across your javascript chunks/splits. This enables you to fine tune code splitting parameters to reduce bundle invalidation rates as well as improve rep

Electron Desktop GUI for Webpack Dashboard


electron-webpack-dashboard Electron Desktop GUI for Webpack Dashboard Whats this all about? The original webpack-dashboard, was fun and people seemed to like it. Unless they were on Windows, or used


A Webpack plugin to enable "Fast Refresh" (also previously known as Hot Reloading) for React components.


Please note that Webpack Monitor is NOT currently maintained - sorry ? Webpack Monitor Webpack Monitor is a configurable Webpack plugin that captures relevant statistics on your production builds, and an interac


Webpack Encore: A Simple & Powerful Webpack API Webpack Encore is a simpler way to integrate Webpack into your application. It wraps Webpack, giving you a clean & powerful API for bundling JavaScript modules, pre-processi

Painless universal pre-rendering for Webpack.


prerender-loader Painless universal prerendering for Webpack. Works great with html-webpack-plugin. ? What is Prerendering? Pre-rendering describes the process of rendering a client-side application at bu


closure-compiler-js Check, compile, transpile, optimize and compress JavaScript with Closure Compiler in JS This repo tracks issues related to the publication to and associated plugins. Any bugs not related to the plug


?‍? worker-plugin Automatically bundle & compile Web Workers within Webpack. Features Automatically compiles modules loaded in Web Workers: const worker = new Worker('./foo.js', { type: 'module' })


size-plugin Prints the gzipped sizes of your webpack assets and the changes since the last build. ? Using Rollup? Check out the rollup-plugin-size port. Installation Install size-plugin a

Sindre Sorhus
Various awesome ESLint rules


Various awesome ESLint rules

Kent C. Dodds
Pre-evaluate code at build-time


babel-plugin-preval Pre-evaluate code at build-time The problem You need to do some dynamic stuff, but don't want to do it at runtime. Or maybe you want to do stuff like read the filesystem to


An elasticsearch query body builder. Easily build complex queries for elasticsearch with a simple, predictable api.


Provides Ruby language and debugging support for Visual Studio Code

Gajus Kuizinas
A webpack plugin for prepack.


prepack-webpack-plugin A webpack plugin for prepack. Usage Install prepack-webpack-plugin. Add an instance of the plugin to the webpack plugin configuration. Configuration Name


The ultimate snippets collection and VS Code extension that automatically exposes all available snippets for every library you are using in your project.

The VS Code JavaScript debugger


The new, upcoming JavaScript debugger for VS Code. This extension debugs Node.js and web applications (in Edge and Chrome), and will eventually become the built-in debugger for VS Code.


electron-webpack Because setting up webpack in the electron environment shouldn't be difficult. Overview Modern web development practices today require a lot of setup with things like webpack to bundle your code


?️ Webpack plugin that warns you when a build contains multiple versions of the same package


Pluggable webpack configurations Creating webpack loader configurations can be quite time consuming. This project tries to provide best practices for the most common loader requirements: ts, js, css, fonts and images. In


? comlink-loader ? Offload modules to Worker threads seamlessly using Comlink. Features Offload almost any module into a Worker with little or no usage change Supports arbitrary classes, objec


Unified plugin system for Vite, Rollup, and Webpack


faster.js faster.js is a Babel plugin that compiles idiomatic Javascript to faster, micro-optimized Javascript. Read the blog post on faster.js! Installation Setup Babel for your project if you haven't already. Th

Ivan Akulov
Easily remove unused Moment.js locales with webpack


moment-locales-webpack-plugin Easily remove unused Moment.js locales when building with webpack Why 75% (160 minified KBs)¹ of Moment.js’ size are files used for localization. They are always included when yo


WebpackOps WebpackOps is a Webpack bundle visualization, optimization and customization tool that helps developers streamline the size of their webpack bundle through customized plugin selection and webpack config file generation

Sean Larkin


bundle-buddy-webpack-plugin Your favorite bundle-buddy duplication analyzer, made as a webpack plugin. Installation Yarn yarn add bundle-buddy-webpack-plugin --dev npm npm install bund

Turn your code into emoji


? emojify-webpack-plugin This plugin will transform your code into emoji ready to be shipped to production. It's as simple as that. Installation Installation can be done through yarn or npm yarn add --dev


Build Tool for Browser and Node Applications


esbuild is by far one of the fastest TS/ESNext to ES6 compilers, so it makes sense to use it over Babel/TSC with webpack to take advantage of both worlds (Speed and the webpack ecosytem).


Gradlr Fastest way to run your gradle tasks Install $ npm install -g gradlr Usage $ gradlr Usage $ gradlr Options -o, --offline Execute the build without accessing network resources



VersionEye This is the source code for the web application VersionEye. Start the backend services for VersionEye This project contains a docker-compose.yml file which describes the backend services of VersionEye. Y


This code is based on the DP-3T prestandard android-sdk code. It aims to be compatible with the Apple/Google developed Privacy-Preserving Contact Tracing (PPCP) protocol. So far it is behaving more like DP-3T but we aim to transform it to be PPCP compatible.


Lazy Compile Webpack Plugin Plugin that saves a tremendous amount of time. Why Starting the development server is taking you a long time when the codebase is large. You have tried dynamic imports, it onl


? Simple transform tool

Anders D. Johnson
Find dependencies to transpile with Babel.


webpack-babel-env-deps Find dependencies to transpile with Babel. A webpack helper to find dependencies of your project that require transpilation with Babel (and @babel/preset-env) by comparing your minimum Node.js eng


license-checker-webpack-plugin Webpack plugin that verifies licenses of all external dependencies in a compilation, and outputs all that information to a file. Installation npm npm install license-checker-w


webpack-format-messages Beautiful formatting for Webpack messages; ported from Create React App! The console output from CRA is very well-done! Unfortunately, the only way to use it is to install all of react-dev-utils, whi


Webpack 5 boilerplate with React 17, Tailwind 2, using babel, sass, with a hot dev server and an optimized production build


Nuxt.js is fast but is limited by its webpack build, when your app grows things slow down.


All the npm/yarn commands I don't want to type ✨ Features Display latest package versions as virtual text Upgrade package on current line to latest ve


Martinet Martinet is an opinionated, command-line build tool for static websites and single-page webapps, built on the Webpack module bundler. Its purpose is to bring you all the power and modern features of Webpack, without


webpack-plugin-graphql-schema-hot This is Webpack plugin which tracks changes in your GraphQL Schema files and re/generates schema introspection in json and txt formats. Just provide absolute path to your schema jsand pa


A tool for writing better scripts with Deno


A Babel macro to conditionally import something based on environmental variables.


vite-plugin-sleep vite is too fast, we need to rest. a vite-plugin you never need. Motivation In the old days with webpack, we had many times when we

A collection of ESLint rules for fp-ts


A collection of ESLint rules for fp-ts


Slowbug is a VS Code extension for debugging your code in slow-mo!


Develop, build, deploy, redeploy, and teardown frontend projects fast ⚡️ .


Building only as needed with WebpackDevServer Sometimes, for super huge builds, webpack is slow. One method I've used for speeding up the dev experience, is force a webpack-dev-server to only build the entry points that developer

JS minification benchmarks


JS minification benchmarks


ROBA: Rotation-Only Bundle Adjustment Paper, Video, Poster, Presentation, Supplementary Material In this repository, we provide the implementation of


svg-to-component-loader Why? By using this it means you may never need things like vue-bytesize-icons and vue-feather-icons, your SVG would just be transformed to React or Vue component on the fly by this loader.


A React devtool for live-updating Emotion styles in the browser. When the styles look good, write them to your source files with one click.


Drag and drop components, and turn designs into real application screens in minutes instead of hours. Take advantage of the various widgets and their properties to build elaborate and beautiful apps.

Steve Hall
Bundle Inspector | Analysis Tool for Webpack


bundle-inspector-webpack-plugin Under development. Feedback welcome. See a demo in your browser - NOT mobile friendly CLI: npm install -g bundle-inspector-webpack-plugin Basic usage: bundle-inspector-web


A simple build tool for Figma plugins based on webpack


Analysis bundle cost for each export of a package


Garment is a toolkit for building applications using modern tools and scalable development practices. It encourages the monorepo way of building applications and provides a consistent developer experience across projects.


Yet another front-end build process THIS PROJECT IS DEPRECATED! TRY THIS INSTEAD: Version: 1.2.4 Simple but powerful static site generator, starter or boilerplate. Impr

Ivan Nikolić
Babel plugin for native `Error` extending.


Babel plugin for native `Error` extending.


A webpack plugin can check package versions, combine package.json, auto update. It is an interesting tiny tool to see whether your packages is outdated, or combine several package.json together. Let's start! Install n


A webpack plugin that can write the hash value of the current git commit to the chunk file.


Gulp Sass Example Good design of a web page is difficult. This is why many people select a stylesheet framework like Bootstrap to have a basic set of styles to work with. However, design is a language, and you need to translate