JavaScript Color

Grab the color palette from an image using just Javascript. Works in the browser and in Node.


colors.css 3.0.0 Better default colors for the web. A collection of skin classes for faster prototyping and nicer looking sites. Customize your own de


Chroma.js Chroma.js is a tiny JavaScript library (14kB) for all kinds of color conversions and color scales. Usage Initiate and manipulate colors: chroma('#D4F880').darken().hex(); // #9BC04B Working with colo


Vibrant.js Extract prominent colors from an image. Vibrant.js is a javascript port of the awesome Palette class in the Android support library. ⚠️ THI


Vibrant.js Extract prominent colors from an image. Vibrant.js is a javascript port of the awesome Palette class in the Android support library. ⚠️ THIS REPO IS DEPRECATED ⚠️ Please file issues over on


color JavaScript library for immutable color conversion and manipulation with support for CSS color strings. var color = Color('#7743CE').alpha(0.5).lighten(0.5); console.log(color.hsl().string()); // 'hsla(262, 59%, 81


TinyColor JavaScript color tooling TinyColor is a small, fast library for color manipulation and conversion in JavaScript. It allows many forms of inp


Flat, Simple, Hackable Color-Picker. Fully Featured demo Features Themes Simple usage Zero dependencies Multiple color representations Color


Grade Demo Check it out Install Download this repo and grab the grade.js file from the /docs/dist folder. Or install from npm: npm install grade-js Use the CDN link:


coolHue Coolest handpicked Gradient Hues and Swatches for your next super ⚡ amazing stuff. coolHue has 60 coolest Gradients. You can also personalize the coolHue Palette as per as your taste. CoolHue gradients palette i


Boring Avatars Boring avatars is a tiny JavaScript React library that generates custom, SVG-based, round avatars from any username and color palette.


vue-color Color Pickers for Sketch, Photoshop, Chrome & more with Vue.js(vue2.0). Live demo Installation NPM $ npm install vue-color CommonJS var Photoshop = require('vue


#PleaseJS Please.js is a polite companion that wants to help you make your projects beautiful. It uses HSV color space to creat


Chromatism ? A simple set of utility functions for colours. Awesome resources for colour stuff. Bruce Lindbloom Colormine EasyRGB Table of Contents Chromatism Table of Contents Cont


jQuery Color Browser Support jQuery color is tested on the same browsers a jQuery Core 3.x versions. Check it Using jQuery Color in Production We release jQuery Color by itself, or in a bundle. The extend


# Materialette Easily access every color in [Google's material design palette]( from your OS dock. Made using electron. Install Download the latest build from the releases sec


⚠️ This readme is for iro.js v4, which is a major rewrite of the library. If you are still using v3 (version 3.5.1 and below) please read the migration guide. The v3 version of the library and documentation is preserved in

1-click color picker


Huebee ? 1-click color picker See for complete docs and demos. Install Download CSS: huebee.min.css minified, or huebee.css un-minified JavaScript:


image-palette Dynamically generate accessible color palettes from images Implement adaptive UIs dynamically from any image in right in the browser. Every palette is parsed from the most dominant and vibrant color


Tailwind Ink is an AI palette generator trained with the Tailwindcss colors.


polychrome A small ~2kB (gzipped) library for parsing and manipulating colors Installation feel free to replace yarn add with npm install $> yarn add polychrome Usage // using ES6 modu


shader-reload This is an experimental interface for live shader reloading in ThreeJS, regl, and other WebGL frameworks. This means you can edit your GLSL shader files without re-starting your entire application state. Works wit


color2k is a color parsing and manipulation library with the objective of keeping the bundle size as small as possible while still satisfying all of your color manipulation needs in an sRGB space


jquery.swatches This is a jQuery plugin that turns a single div into a sweet color swatch (aka, color pallette). Usage Simply place a similar div element where ever you want a swatch to appear: <div class="swatch"


ac-colors is a reactive JavaScript color library that can freely convert between RGB, HSL, HEX, XYZ, LAB, LCHab, LUV, and LCHuv, as well as handle random color generation and contrast ratio calculation.


A micro, highly-customisable JavaScript library to create shades of colors Documentation Getting started Usage API FAQ Tests yarn test or npm test Build yarn build or npm build

Hector Garcia
Color components for React Native


Color components for React Native. JavaScript-only, for iOS and Android. Example Run the example app via Expo or check the code. SlidersColorPicker Based on a Dribbble concept by Satyajit Sahoo.

Matt Farina
jQuery Color Wheel


Farbtastic: jQuery color picker plug-in Farbtastic is a jQuery plug-in that can add one or more color picker widgets into a page. Each widget is then linked to an existing element (e.g. a text field) and will update the element's


Poulette, the color palette Poulette is a proof of concept for a color mixer interface. Play with the demo Features select an existing color by clicki


I wanted to create a tool to sort the named CSS colors in a way that it shows related colors together. So, next time I can't decide between a few CSS colors, I can just check them here side by side.


? A hook to grab a color palette from images. Render a skeleton color while your original image still loading.


The powerful color hook that all designers deserve. ✨ Parse and stringify that just works & ? Strict type checking at compile time


CRA-ANTD This project is generated using create-react-app v2 and then added required configurations and dependencies to make a perfect starter project for Ant Design. In this project, we have setup less-loader with required conf

Carlos Cabo
JS component to pick colors from a predefined palette


JQuery Palette Color Picker v1.13 JS component to pick colors from a predefined / restricted palette. Take a look to the demo.html included in this repository to see it in action. Watch the demo included in the repo


colors-app Copy color values from popular palettes. Supports HEX, RGB, and HSL formats. Current Palettes Material Design Open Color Please suggest more! Why? One night I asked myself, "Self,


MetBrewer Palettes inspired by works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. All pieces selected come from various time periods, regions, and m


Pixel Play This website allows you to play with pixels on the screen using WebGL. All you need to do is fill in a function that takes a point and returns its color: f(coordinate) => color You can immediately see the scene, p


Making a coherent Material Design theme is hard. This is a Flutter plugin that generates a random color pallet based on Material Design while respecting WCAG guidelines.


paper-colors A set of 12 paper colors from various brands. This was sourced manually and by eye, so all colours are approximate, and the list is not exhaustive in any way. The colors are subject to change (PRs welcome!). co


ColorKitty Extract perfect palettes from delicious pictures Screenshot Feature Extract color palettes from pictures. Specify the number of colors you want. Drag to arrange color's order.


Tinter is tiny web tool to generate color variation of images. This tool also generate monochrome colors of images with multiple variants, without hampering the quality of image.

Rok Novosel
Color Palette using WASM and K-Means


Color Palette using WASM and K-Means DEMO Description Image is resized to maximum width of 1024 pixels The number of colors corresponds to the number of clusters in k-means K-means runs for 10 iterations or e


Materialize Themes A simple gulp task that generates all combinations of primary and secondary colors for the Materialize CSS Framework. All generated themes are in the dist folder. Versioning materialize-themes vers

Benjamin De Cock
Web component color picker


Usage Insert the custom element and the library in your document: <!doctype html> <title>Example</title> <color-picker></color-picker> <script src=color-picker.js></script> Listen


vanilla-colorful is a port of react colorful to vanilla Custom Elements.


word-color ? ⚡ Creates word-color associations. TODO: make all client-side, no server can't use cheerio front-end?, need to replace somehow... implement caching via online JSON storage


Please check out the roadmap for upcoming features and releases. Please open Issues to provide feedback, and check the develop branch for the latest bleeding-edge updates.


FettePalette Demo: Color palette generation function using curves within the HSV color model. It is based on th


A lightweight and elegant JavaScript color picker. Written in vanilla ES6, no dependencies. Accessible.


Generate accessible complementary text or UI colors as Sass variables and/or CSS custom properties from your base color tokens.

GU Yiling
Tiny modular color converters.


Color converters Modular color converters. Installation npm i -save color-converters Usage import { rgbToLch } from 'color-converters' console.log(rg


FlexColorScheme can help you make beautiful color scheme based Flutter themes, with optional level of primary color branded surfaces. The created themes are based on the same concept as Flutter's ColorScheme based themes, but with a few interesting twists and features.


The time represented as hex color values


Change the color of an image to a specific color you have in mind.


Animated triangles background widget with color gradients

ArcoDesign color utils


ArcoDesign Color ArcoDesign Color Utils. For a given color, a gradient swatch containing ten colors is generated with an algorithm. This works for bot

Generate color pairings.


Colorway Generate color pairings ? Donations Would you like to support the development of this app to new heights? Then: Be my backer on Ko-Fi ?️ De

Zane (She/They)
my visual color palette gallery for paletteer R pkg


Paletteer Gallery my visual color palette gallery for paletteer R pkg ggplot( mtcars, aes(x=mpg, y= hp, color= cyl) )+ geom_point(si