JavaScript Maps

OpenLayers OpenLayers is a high-performance, feature-packed library for creating interactive maps on the web. It can display map tiles, vector data an


Mapbox GL JS is a JavaScript library for interactive, customizable vector maps on the web. It takes map styles that conform to the Mapbox Style Specification, applies them to vector tiles that conform to the Mapbox Vector Tile Specificat


Important If you're developer, I'm moving gmaps.js to NPM, you can give your opinion and check the migration progress in Issue #404 gmaps.js - A Javas


A light JavaScript library to create integrated 2D/3D maps. 2D/3D: Integrated 2D/3D maps. Open and pluggable: Easy to extend with techs you may love as plugins. Performant: Can smoothly render tens of thousands of


Fantasy Map Generator Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator is a free web application generating interactive and highly customizable svg maps based on vorono


ViziCities (0.3) A framework for 3D geospatial visualization in the browser ###Important links Examples Getting started Attribution License Examples Basic example (2D basemap and 3D buildings)


What is CARTO? CARTO is an open, powerful, and intuitive platform for discovering and predicting the key insights underlying the location data in our world. Empower organizations to optimize operational performance, strategic


Earth Enterprise Earth Enterprise is the open source release of Google Earth Enterprise, a geospatial application which provides the ability to build and host custom 3D globes and 2D maps. Earth Enterprise does not provide a pr


Google Maps for Rails ¶ ↑ Gmaps4rails is developed to simply create a Google Map with overlays (markers, infowindows…). Yet it's backed on a very flexible codebase which could be prone to accept other map providers. Use it


Mapbox Maps SDK for React Native An official React Native component for building maps with the Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS and Mapbox Maps SDK for Android What is Mapbox? Mapbox is the location data platform for mo


Tutorials | Examples | Docs | Chatroom | Mailing list | Twitter What is Idyll? For an introduction to Idyll, API reference, examples, and tutorials, p

Vue Leaflet
Vue 2 components for Leaflet maps


Vue2Leaflet Vue2Leaflet is a JavaScript library for the Vue framework that wraps Leaflet making it easy to create reactive maps. How to install npm install vue2-leaflet leaflet --save For more deta


mapbox.js A Mapbox plugin for Leaflet, a lightweight JavaScript library for traditional raster maps. For the state-of-the-art Mapbox vector maps libra


Mini Tokyo 3D A real-time 3D digital map of Tokyo's public transport system. See a Live Demo. Demo Videos Demo Video (English) Demo Video (Japanese) User Guides User Guide (English) User


A free, user-friendly, extendable application and API for drone image processing. Generate georeferenced maps, point clouds, elevation models and textured 3D models from aerial images. It uses ODM for processing. Getting Started

Google Maps plugin for Cordova


Google Maps plugin for Cordova


Polymaps Polymaps is a free JavaScript library for making dynamic, interactive maps in modern web browsers. See for more details.


PROJ4JS Proj4js is a JavaScript library to transform point coordinates from one coordinate system to another, including datum transformations. Originally a port of PROJ (then known as PROJ.4) and GCTCP C (Archive) it is a part o


supercluster A very fast JavaScript library for geospatial point clustering for browsers and Node. <script src="[email protected]/dist/supercluster.min.js"></script> const index =


Procedural GL JS is a library for creating 3D map experiences on the web, written in JavaScript and WebGL. It is built on top THREE.js.


? High Quality GeoJSON maps programmatically generated. The only GeoJSON maps of the world you will ever need! Motivation The purpose of this project is to programmatically extract maps fr


GeoNode is a geospatial content management system, a platform for the management and publication of geospatial data. It brings together mature and stable open-source software projects under a consistent and easy-to-use interface allowing non-specialized users to share data and create interactive maps.

 1.1k is an experimental and work in progress open-source 3D map rendering engine. site Overview You can use this engine to: Develop visually appealing 3D maps Creat


jQuery Mapael - Dynamic vector maps The complete documentation is available on Mapael website (repository: 'neveldo/mapael-documentation'). Additional maps are stored in the repository 'neveldo/mapael-maps'. The documentatio


Mapus is a tool to explore and annotate collaboratively on a map. You can draw, add markers, lines, areas, find places to go, observe other users, and much more.


AgentMaps - Social Simulations on Interactive Maps AgentMaps is a JS library for building and visualizing dynamic social systems on maps. It is based on the Leaflet interactive mapping library. Provided a neighborhood, AgentMap


Geometric.js A JavaScript library for doing geometry. Installation Web browser In vanilla, a geometric global is exported. You can use the latest version from unpkg. <script src="


Leaflet Data Visualization Framework (DVF) Overview The Leaflet DVF is an extension to the Leaflet JavaScript mapping library. The primary goal of the framework is to simplify data visualization and thematic mapping us


Interactive 3D Mall Map An interactive 3D mall map concept with a sidebar search and pin indicators for every level. Article on Codrops Demo License Integrate or build upon it for free in your personal or commercial


three-geo three-geo is a three.js based geographic visualization library. Using three-geo, we can easily build satellite-textured 3D terrain models in near real-time by simply specifying GPS coordinates anywhere on the globe. The


Snazzy Info Window Snazzy Info Window is a plugin for customizable info windows using the Google Maps JavaScript API. Open sourced by the people that created Snazzy Maps. Features Responsive sizing Th


FreeDraw allows the free-hand drawing of shapes on your Leaflet.js map layer – providing an intuitive and familiar UX for creating geospatial boundaries similar to Zoopla and others. Included out-of-the-box is the concaving of polygons


GeoFireX Realtime Geolocation with Firestore & RxJS. Query geographic points within a radius on the web or Node.js. ? Live Demo ? Video Tutorial ⚡ QuickStart npm inst


geometry-processing-js geometry-processing-js is a fast and flexible framework for 3D geometry processing on the web! Easy integration with HTML/WebGL makes it particularly suitable for things like mobile apps, online demos,


Django Map Widgets Configurable, pluggable and more user friendly map widgets for Django PostGIS fields. Documentation: Project Home Page:


Interactive Storytelling Prerequisites Getting Started Vanilla JS Steps Generate Map Position Using Helper.html Configuration File and Layer Settings Configuration Options


geokdbush A geographic extension for kdbush, the fastest static spatial index for points in JavaScript. It implements fast nearest neighbors queries for locations on Earth, taking Earth curvature and date line wrapping into acc

Leonidas Esteban
Render +500k markers using Google Maps and DeckGL


Render +500k markers using Google Maps and DeckGL


Mapquery by Quartz Mapquery 0.1.0 is a proof-of-concept prototype release. All of the work on the project leading to this initial release was funded by the Knight Foundation's Prototype Fund. Mapquery is a map data storage and r

Kye Hohenberger
Declarative geolocation for React


react-geolocation ? ? Declarative geolocation in React Install Basic Usage Props Install npm install -S react-geolocation Basic Usage <Geolocation render={({ fetc


robust-predicates Fast robust predicates for computational geometry in JavaScript. Provides reliable 2D and 3D point orientation tests (orient2d, orient3d, incircle, insphere) that are not susceptible to floating point errors (wi

Sebastian Meier
Morphing geojson polygons into rectangles


d3.geo2rect Morphing geojson polygons into rectangles The package has two modules: compute (function) and draw (class). For using this one needs to include the d3 and turf.js library. compute Compute for


mixmap interactive webgl maps emphasizing direct access to the rendering pipeline mixmap provides basic plumbing for webgl cartography and then gets out of your way. You have direct control over loading data, mapping geometry

Andrei Kashcha
Interactive map of reddit


Map of reddit This code renders a map of reddit. Each dot on the map is subreddit. Two dots within the same cluster are usually close to each other if


The open source full-stack geosocial network platform Official DEMO Current Version 1.2.2 Links Website | Documentation | News | Blog | Source code | Plugins | Roadmap | Issues Introduction Kepler is a open


A vector map renderer and labeler for the web


A set of SVG maps that can be installed via npm or yarn


ngeo ngeo is a JS library that aims to ease the development of applications based on AngularJS and OpenLayers. More specifically, ngeo is a collection of AngularJS Components and Services useful for developing applications com


F3Earth It is a web 3D GIS engine. demo After clone or download to local, you can open examples\simple.html to get a simple demo. Or view it online. It looks as following: Oh no, it looks not so good! Don't worry


A minimal react app that can display bivariate choropleth maps of Switzerland


? A map of places I've checked in on Earth. Why I want to plot all the places I've been to on a map. I want a digital version of push pins on a physical map. I want to show people w


Mapkick.js Create beautiful, interactive maps with one line of JavaScript View the demo MVP: Improved demo, docs, and features coming soon Getting Started Create a map <div id="map" style="height: 500px">&l


Simcoe County OpenLayers Map Viewer Live beta site can be found here This site has officially went live as a beta on Apr 23rd, 2020. The goal of this project is to replace this viewer using an open source environment.


dobbyscan A very fast density based clustering JavaScript library for geographic points. Implements a variation of DBSCAN with great circle distance metric. Example var clusters = dobbyscan(points, radius, (p) =&g


r2d3maps Fun with r2d3 and geojsonio : draw D3 maps Installation You can install from Github: source("") # or with devtools: devtools::install_github("dreamRs/r2d

Mapbox GL Javascript wrapper for ReactJS


react-mapbox-wrapper React wrapper for mapboxgl-js API. Made with ❤️ by MeilleursAgents Usage import React from 'react'; import MapboxMap from 'react-mapbox-wrapper'; export default function SimpleMap(


routing.js GTFS routing in the browser also works offline! small (62 KB data for all long-distance connections) and extremely fast (10-20 ms) everything in JavaScript made at #dbhackathon uses GTFS from: https://gith


React Map Components of Leaflet.js CHANGELOG rc-leaflet CHANGELOG Docs Leaflet.js Proj4Leaflet MarkerCluster Features TypeScript support JSX support for Popup, Tool


Map of fiber deployment in San Francisco generated from public records


This is a React app to track wildfires and plot them on a Google map.


? Show a map of your active customers to build trust


easymap ? simplified use of Google Maps API to render a bunch of markers. usage npm install add your API key to main.js by replacing $YOUR_GOOGLE_MAPS_API_KEY with your API key. const apiKey = `


North Korea Missile Ranges Generate a D3 spinning globe on canvas and animate it using scrollyteller waypoints. A project generated from aunty's preact-app template. Later re-built using react-app. Depends on ABC's Odyssey Temp


JavaScript 3D map library. Made with three.js.


Contains scripts and data to render map of reddit


image-maps image maps jQuery plugin supported devices and browser PC - IE9+, Chrome, Firefox Mobile - iOS, Android (editing is not supported) example L


Open-source, high-resolution Mars explorer built using ArcGIS and React.


SWOM - Service Worker Offline Map

A webapp to coordinate aid and care in the Twin Cities.


A webapp to coordinate aid and care in the Twin Cities.


Build and Deploy an advanced Travel Companion Application using Google Maps


Finally able to contribute in a reomte collaborative environment! Cheers. Abdulhamid Ibrahim Hello! _From Yonas. cs445-map-202111 Hello class!!! Demo


Uygulama kullanıcıların arka plan seslerindeki şiddet içeren kelimeleri ya da belli bir desibel seviyesi üzerindeki sesleri belirleyerek, konumlarını ilgili birimlerle paylaşan ve böylelikle potansiyel şiddet vakalarını erkenden tespit ederek önlemeyi amaçlayan bir projedir.


Create a clickable map from your photos


LiveAtlas is a drop-in replacement for the original Dynmap frontend, which aims to provide a more modern interface and improved performance for busy maps.


fetch-map Displays a map using SeeSaw and the OpenStreetMaps API. Running $ lein run latitude longitude zoom Note that zoom must be a number up to 18


Diablo II Resurrect map seed revelear + Web UI for Maphack Instalation npm install This program requires node-gyp, see installation instructions here


mkTocak - an interactive map with all bike paths, parking, services, and shops!


geoarrow The goal of geoarrow is to prototype Arrow representations of geometry. This is currently a first-draft specification and nothing here should


Check weather forecast for largest cities in a map radius


interactive iran map - this is actually interactive-iran-map v2 - suitable for dashboards and bi activities

Andrea Giammarchi
A read-only Set for maps' keys or values.


Shadowed Map A read-only Set for maps' keys or values, useful to expose a read-only Set that represents the mapped keys or values, without needing to


GTA V MAP LEAFLET GTA V MAP LEAFLET is a MAP based on LEAFLET. Features Easy to use Custom Icons 3 Map Style(Atlas,Satellite,Grid) Dependencies Map St


Google Maps JavaScript API Loader Description This package provides TypeScript guards for the Google Maps JavaScript API. A type guard (or type predic


MapCountdown Overview MapCountdown is a JavaScript browser library which shows countdown with additional route filling on a map. It uses Google Map to