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Hexo A fast, simple & powerful blog framework, powered by Node.js. Website | Documentation | Installation Guide | Contribution Guide | Code of Conduct | API | Twitter Features Blazing fast


GrapesJS GrapesJS is a free and open source Web Builder Framework which helps building HTML templates, faster and easily, to be delivered in sites, newsletters or mobile apps. Mainly, GrapesJS was designed to be used insi


Netlify CMS A CMS for static site generators. Give users a simple way to edit and add content to any site built with a static site generator. Community Chat How It Works Netlify CMS is a single-page app


An open, extensible, wiki for your team built using React and Node.js.Try out Outline using our hosted version at This is the source code that runs Outline and all the associated services. If you want


Directus 8 Website • Docs • API Reference • User Guide • Contribute • Twitter • Community ? Introduction Directus is an open-source tool that wraps your database with an API


Winds - A Beautiful Open Source RSS & Podcast App Powered by Description Winds is a beautiful open-source RSS and Podcast app created using React & Redux on the frontend and Express.js on t


Gitfolio personal website + blog for every github user Gitfolio will help you get started with a portfolio website where you could showcase your work + a blog that will help you spread your ideas into real wo


To-do list & time tracker for programmers & other digital workers with Jira, Github and Gitlab integration


Polar Bookshelf Polar is personal knowledge repository which supports advanced features like incremental reading, annotation, comments, and spaced repetition. It supports reading PDF


Publii - Static-Site CMS Publii is a desktop-based CMS for Windows, Mac and Linux that makes creating static websites fast and hassle-free, even for beginners. Current version: 0.35.3 (build 12100) Why Publii? U

JavaScript Survey and Form Library


SurveyJS is a JavaScript Survey and Form Library. SurveyJS is a modern way to add surveys and forms to your website. It has versions for angular2+, jQuery, knockout, react and vue. Documentation SurveyJS L


CMS.js is a fully Client-side, JavaScript Markdown Site generator in the spirit of Jekyll that uses plain ol' HTML, CSS and JavaScript to generate your website. CMS.js is like a file-based CMS. It takes your content, renders Markdown and


Dendron is a local-first, markdown based, hierarchical note-taking application built on top of VSCode and friends.


A Jekyll plugin that provides users with a traditional CMS-style graphical interface to author content and administer Jekyll sites. The project is divided into two parts. A Ruby-based HTTP API that handles Jekyll and filesystem operatio


A simplified Jira clone built with Angular 9 and Akita


Open Source GraphQL CMS Prime is a standalone, self-hosted, headless CMS with a GraphQL interface powered by TypeScript. Why Prime? There are a lot of headless SaaS solutions out there, and many of them bette


Vapid is an intentionally simple content management system built on the idea that you can create a custom dashboard without ever leaving the HTML. Installation Vapid requires node v8.9.0 or higher, and can be installed via n


VMS Features Vue.js 2+ Element UI WYSIWYG Editor Easy to deploy How to Start # clone project git clone cd src # modify config.js cp config.example.j


A simple starter kit for Eleventy Hylia is a lightweight Eleventy starter kit with Netlify CMS pre-configured, so that you can one-click install a progressive, accessible blog in minutes. It also gives you a well organised starti


gatsby-gitbook-starter Kick off your project with this starter to create a powerful/flexible docs/tutorial web apps. Motivation We wanted to create a GraphQL tutorial series. The content would be written by develope


Cusdis - Open source, lightweight (~5kb gzip), privacy-friendly alternative to Disqus.


next-blog Markdown based blog using next. It also uses processmd to compile the markdown files and watch for changes (disclaimer: another project of mine). Clone this repo and use it as a starting point for your own blog. N


Tamiat CMS Tamiat headless CMS Made with ❤︎ by Mahmoud Nouman and contributors Support our development with What It Looks Like Getting Started To get started with


Next.js MDX Blog Kit This kit is designed to give you a fully functional, easy to use (if you are a developer) blog with perfect Lighthouse scores. The idea is to provide a complete blogging system that requires only two thi


ProShop eCommerce Platform built with the MERN stack & Redux


FireCMS is a headless CMS and admin panel based on Firebase, built by developers for developers. It generates CRUD views based on your configuration. You define views that are mapped to absolute or relative paths in your Firestore database, as well as schemas for your entities.


coisas coisas is a headless CMS specifically designed to let you edit files hosted in a GitHub repository. It is similar to Netlify CMS and Prose. Unlike existing alternatives, coisas doesn't try to be a multipurpose CMS. It sti


Liteboard is a free, browser-based lecturing platform for anyone who wants to quickly setup a real-like classroom with State-of-the-Art drawing tools and webcam/audio broadcasts. We don't support cumbersome setups; no downloads or accounts required! Just create a lecture, and share the link. It's really that simple.


docable will create an interactive notebook from a Markdown file. Docable works by translating markdown files into interactive cells, which can be run, edited, and shared.


? ? Beluga Build your own ecommerce site! Beluga is open-source software for creating your own ecommerce site. It is built with React + Node.js, and uses Stripe for payment processing. Visit b

Robin Wieruch
Gatsby MDX Blog Starter Project


Gatsby.js MDX Blog Starter Project A starter project in Gatsby.js with MDX to render React components in Markdown. Used by: Kent C. Dodds Robin Wieruch Features MDX: JavaScript/React in Markdow


qards Qards is a blogging platform focused on performance and on closing the gap between content publishers and developers: Notice! Qards has not yet been officially released. Even though the code h


TENET is an intentionally simple content management system built on the idea that you can create a custom dashboard without ever leaving the HTML. REA

Faiyaz Shaikh
A reactive mini-social-network created with React!!


Single-Page-Social-Network A reactive single-page-social-network created with React. Screenshots below!! No longer maintained. But it works Please visit this link for the updated version of this project. Other Versio


Introduction Create Portfolio helps you kickstart a personal website that showcases your work as a software developer. It will automatically render a webpage with the owner's profile information, including a photo, bio, and r


Archived Now you have a better choice: now-md fine -- generate your static website in 3 seconds  Fine is currently in beta, and we will bring more updates on its functionality and integrity as the pro


Nodizecms A Node.js CMS written in CoffeeScript, with a user friendly backend Status NodizeCMS is still under heavy development, there's a ton of unim


empress-blog Note: if you have come here wanting to use empress-blog for your own blog then skip down to the quick-start. You do not need to clone this repo to get started, you only need to clone this repo if you want to devel


Enoki Starter Kit Enoki is a tool for making full websites. This (pre-alpha) starter-kit is an example of how you might structure an Enoki site. It includes content and a design. It's a bit like the Kirby starter-kit, but built

A Blog Powered By Cloudflare Workers and KV


一个运行在cloudflare workers 上的博客程序,使用 cloudflare KV作为数据库,无其他依赖. 兼容静态博客的速度,以及动态博客的灵活性,方便搭建不折腾.


A starter repository for building a blog with the Eleventy static site generator implementing a wide range of performance best practices.


Gh-Cms Headless CMS using Hugo, Github Issues and Github Actions. How? Every time a new issue is created, a new post is created as well. Branch struct


Turn your github issues into a CMS for your blog


Map knowledge into memory with seamless search and note taking


This is a Next.js, Tailwind CSS blogging starter template. Comes out of the box configured with the latest technologies to make technical writing a breeze. Easily configurable and customizable. Perfect as a replacement to existing Jekyll and Hugo individual blogs.


The successor, NuxtPress is available now The code in this repository should not be used any longer. It is in the process of being replaced by an official Nuxt module. This README will be updated with details about the module m

Component Driven
Static site and content for Component Driven


Contributions to Component Driven are encouraged! If it’s something small like grammar, punctuation or even a code snippet, first check the open pull requests to see if it's already being addressed, if it's not, then open up a pull request. If it’s a bigger change like editing content or adding a new tool, add an issue for discussion before getting started.


gitgeist proof-of-concept user manual gitgeist is a new kind of social network that uses Git as a storage backend and transfer protocol. Posts and comments are stored in a Git repository which is used by the engine to generate a


NesHouse is a front-end project built on Agora, LeanCloud service, using Alpine.js, Bulma Css, NES.css. This project implements a set of clubhouse based on NES style, you can use NESHouse to create your own online live room, you can use NESHouse to create your ostart live room, or share it and invite others to join the discussion.


Quick Survey Quick Survey is no longer actively maintained. If you want to help keep it running, reach out! A tool for quickly building and releasing surveys. Open source & quick to host it yourself. Demo


GraphQL Backend, Gateway, and Headless CMS for creating custom backends and digital products with content management.


A simple Pandoc-powered static site generator for your recipe collection – it effortlessly turns a set of Markdown-formatted recipes into a lightweight, responsive, searchable website.


An open source social media platform and public forum for questions and discussions, built for developers.

Brad Traversy
Simple static blog using markdown and Next.js


Simple static blog using markdown and Next.js


Nobelium Nobelium 是一个使用 NextJS + Notion 第三方 API 实现的,部署在 Vercel 上的静态博客系统。

RSS based blog starter kit for teams


RSS based blog starter kit for teams


Dynamic Personal Website A Personal Website that has experience, skill, portfolio, blog, contact fields. Anybody can have him/her own personal website without any code because every content, field is completely dynamic and editab


This is newspaper style webfront for the selfoss RSS reader

Video Chat with WebRTC and Firebase


Video Chat with WebRTC and Firebase Build a 1-to-1 video chat feature with WebRTC, Firestore, and JavaScript. Watch the WebRTC Explanation on YouTube


A blogging platform for minimalists and developers.


Generate static HTML archives of Slack workspaces


pems A javascript full-stack power equipment management system. Demo Demo Address: Power Equipment Management System Account: admin/admin Screenshots Login Page List Page Add Page


A site to instantly search 28M books from OpenLibrary using Typesense Search (an open source alternative to Algolia / ElasticSearch) ⚡ ? ?


Development blog built with Next.js & Markdown


The official website of the Rocky Linux Project.


Starter repository for gulpie website Download the project by clicking on the green button that says "Code" and then "Download ZIP". Uncompress the zi


cmsish cmsish is the most simple CMS in the world. Demo: Step 1: Create a google spreadsheet and enter some data. Select "File / Publish to the web" and copy the url in the pop-u


My portfolio built with Next.js, Chakra UI and GraphCMS


cycle-hn A CycleJS & cycle-onionify-powered implementation of Hacker News using its HNPWA API. Screenshot Lighthouse stats Live version: @Now - preferred @Firebaseapp Feature requests are welco


A dazzlingly fast E-Commerce solution built with Typescript and NextJS.


Real Estate Website Template This real estate website template satisfies some common real estate website requirements including dynamic pages, listing management, blog articles, author management, SEO ability, contact form and


A set of "to do" emojis you can in applications to create simple text-based to-do lists

Small journal application


A small journal application with mood tracker, tags, full text search and embed photos from a phone easily.

Mayk Brito
▶️ Studying Discord Clone


▶️ Studying Discord Clone


A federated blogging platform built for WeBuild Community. Federated blog is a network of interconnected blogs or websites, which called the Fediverse.


my own insta ; ) is a website / Progressive Web App that lets you share photos fast and in best quality. It’s simple, easy to use, easy to install, doesn’t have any metrics, ads or clutter and you can style its appearance as you wish. On my website, I've written down why I made it.

Youtube Clone Backend (Express + Sequelize)


Youtube Clone Backend (Express + Sequelize)


WCAG Reporter This repository lets you create WCAG EM Reports using Eleventy. Write issues as Markdown files Create reports in English or Dutch Automa

 24 clone built with Next.js, ChakraUI and api.


A collection of plugins, themes and pre-built blocks to help you build Gatsby sites faster.

Strapi Starter Nuxt.js E-commerce


Nuxt.js starter for creating a simple e-commerce website with Strapi.


Create a simple website with a JSON file and have it hosted for free!


The fast way to create WordPress blocks. No more hard JavaScript files, or weird PHP registration. Just create a block.json file and generate your block code.


A node script that converts a WordPress site to Markdown using the API


Embracing JAMStack with Python: Generating a Static Website with Flask and Deploying to Netlify


The website is built using Google Spreedsheet, Next.js and deployed at Vercel.


Donasi widget karyakarsa (unofficial) untuk website kamu.


Aero is a simple and easy to use CMS (Content Management System) designed to create fast and powerful web applications!


Twitter clone using MERN stack (Mongo, Express, React, Node).


Creative Agency View Demo A website for a creative agency. Includes team management, portfolio management and contact form (powered by MailGun). Log in to Cosmic JS. Create a Bucket. Go to Your Bucket > Ap


offline-cms is a "No Code" WYSIWYG HTML editor that writes directly to the filesystem. Think of it as a visual static side generator (editor for now).


Cool React movies search app with SSR support

My Old Personal Website Source


my-personal-website My Old Personal Website     ? Repo Stats ? Technologies ? Requirements NPM v7 or newer Node.js v14 or newer ? Getting Started

Datafuse Labs
databend website


Website This website is built using Docusaurus 2, a modern static website generator. Installation $ yarn Local Development $ yarn start This command