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Declarative routing for React


React Router React Router is a complete routing library for React. React Router keeps your UI in sync with the URL. It has a simple API with powerful features like lazy code loading, dynamic route matching, and location tran


Tiny Express-inspired client-side router. page('/', index) page('/user/:user', show) page('/user/:user/edit', edit) page('/user/:user/album', album) page('/user/:user/album/sort', sort) page('*', notfound) page()


Synopsis Director is a router. Routing is the process of determining what code to run when a URL is requested. Motivation A routing library that works in both the browser and node.js environments with as few differe


Router5 Official website: router5 is a framework and view library agnostic router. view / state separation: router5 processes routing instructions and outputs state updates. universal: works clien


react-enroute Simple React router with a small footprint for modern browsers. The lib is not replacement for react-router, just a smaller simpler alternative. See path-to-regexp for matching pattern rules and options. Check enco


An ORM-like Interface and a Router For Your API Requests Create simple, reusable, and cleaner wrappers, define custom routes, and more for your API requests. Read the official docs at


? Micro Router - A tiny and functional router for ZEIT's micro ? Features Tiny. Just couple lines of code. Functional. Write your http methods using functions. Async. Design to use with async/a


gibon Functional client-side router in ~570 bytes, built on HTML5 History API You might also be interested in mitt - a 200 bytes event emitter, and hyperapp - build rich UI apps with 1kb. ✨ Pull request


regexparam A tiny (299B) utility that converts route patterns into RegExp. Limited alternative to path-to-regexp ? With regexparam, you may turn a pathing string (eg, /users/:id) into a regular expression. An o


pagex ? A simple router for the browser in Javascript. It works with RegExp and Paths: pagex(path, [negate], callback, [pathname]); // Call a function if the current page is exactly `/users` pagex('/users', () =&gt


router A simple js router designed to solve one problem outside of any other frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue Installing npm install --save @kevindurb/router Usage import { router } from '@k

Luis Flores
Simple route-matching library to handle deep links


Overview React Native route-matching library to handle deep links. Installation This package is distributed via npm: npm install react-native-deep-linking Add deep link support to your app

Jesse Ditson
Use the FS as your micro router


fs-router Use the FS as your micro router "features" ✅ 0 runtime dependencies ✅ < 100 loc ✅ little or no config ✅ parameterized paths ✅ parses query s


rocon Ultimate type safety for your routing and navigation. Usage See the Rocon Tutorial. Currently React binding of Rocon is provided. Supported Brow


minrouter a micro middleware router that can be used in both client-side (e.g. dot.js, vue, react, preact) and server-side applications (e.g. Node.js/Express, Koa) features support koa support express


redux-tower Saga powered routing engine for Redux apps. redux-tower provides a way to fully control client-side routing with its related side effects such as data fetching, user authentication, fancy animations. NOTICE: T


React Plain Router A tiny React router that works exactly as expected with native Javascript: // App.js import React from 'react'; import router from 'react-plain-router'; // Wrap it and you can use normal anchor links expo

Ryan Whitmire
Routing for React


React Routify The purpose of React Routify is to provide routing to React applications without scattering domain specific language throughout your codebase. Wherever possible, React Routify uses existing constructs provded by Re


nmux is a multiplexer for Neovim processes. It is very much a work in progress at the moment. It currently has a built-in HTTP server that renders a single nvim process in your browser using websockets as a proof-of-concept. Sh


Boring Router A light-weight, type-safe, yet reactive router service using MobX. Why There are multiple reasons pushing me to write Boring Router instead of sticking with React Router. Making React Router work


township-accounts-api route handlers to use in your REST API to handle user management quick start var Township = require('township-accounts-api') var db = require('memdb') // can be any levelup e.g. level-party or

Hunter Tunnicliff
Next.js API Middleware


Next.js API routes are a ridiculously fun and simple way to add backend functionality to a React app. However, when it comes time to add middleware, there is no easy way to implement it.


react-chicane A simple and safe router for React and TypeScript. Installation yarn add react-chicane Run the example git clone [email protected]:zoontek/


@egoist/router A router that works in Node.js, browser and Deno. Install For Node.js: npm i @egoist/router import { Router } from '@egoist/router' For


A tiny (660 bytes) router for Nano Stores state manager

Aloïs Deniel
Using freezed unions as a router for URIs.


Using freezed objects as routes with URI serialization.


Next.js API Compose · Introduction This library provides simple yet complete higher order function with responsibility of composing multiple middlewar

Fazt Web
React Router v6 Tutorial


Getting Started with Create React App This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. Available Scripts In the project directory, you can run: np