JavaScript Templating Engines

lit-html Efficient, Expressive, Extensible HTML templates in JavaScript Documentation Full documentation is available at Docs source is in the docs folder. To build the site youself


Nunjucks Nunjucks is a full featured templating engine for javascript. It is heavily inspired by jinja2. View the docs here. Installation npm install nunjucks (View the CHANGELOG) Documentation See here.


Hogan.js - A mustache compiler. Hogan.js is a compiler for the Mustache templating language. For information on Mustache, see the manpage and the spec. Basics Hogan compiles templates to HoganTemplate objects, which


A modern, clean, and very simple responsive HTML invoice template


.dom A tiny (512 byte) virtual DOM template engine for embedded projects IE / Edge Firefox Chrome Safari Opera iOS Safari Chrome for Android Edge 14+ 45


browser-extension-template A template for creating cross-browser browser extensions Features Cross-browser builds using webextension-polyfill. Auto-syncing options. Auto-publishing with auto-versioning a


oj Object-oriented web templating for the people. Thirsty people. Contact Info Reach out on irc or email. Log issues on GitHub! irc: #oj email


templite Lightweight templating in 154 bytes Allows you to denote dynamic portions of a string using double curly brackets ({{ example }}) & then replace them with matching values from your data source. You may attach


A template repository for TypeScript backend server


micromustache A secure, fast and lightweight template engine with some handy additions. Think of it as a sweet spot between plain text interpolation and mustache.js; Certainly not as logic-ful as Handlebars! Sometimes


Paperclip is a template engine that comes with tools for building presentational components in realtime, all within your existing IDE:


A set of gorgeous Transactional HTML Email Templates built on TailwindCSS


SYNOPSIS All your html templating needs in under 10 lines of JS. USAGE BASICS The Template function takes a string and returns a function that takes your template "locals". const txl = require('txl') c


The default Sapper template, available for Rollup and webpack.


Simple temaplte for creating static sites with no effort


463 bytes simple template engine that works for Node.js and browser. Install npm i --save vegito CDN: Usage const vegito = require('vegito') vegito('hello {{ name }}',


Use vue-template with react & mobx


? This is a simple-portfolio template for Developers. You can customize this template to make your own portfolio. You don't have to understand the code. Just edit db.json and some assets(images, markdowns) then it's all done!


Dirgen /:# (Module Only - End) Overview: Generate files and folders from a template file. Purpose: Use this module when: Generating repetitive boilerplate project structures Writing unit tests wi

Yet Another JSX using tagged template


Yet Another Simple JSX using tagged template

App Generator
Jinja Template - Soft UI Dashboard | AppSeed


Open-source Jinja Template provided by AppSeed on top of Soft UI Dashboard, a modern Bootstrap 5 design from Creative-Tim. The project might help beginners to code simple presentation websites on top of the existing codebase OR migrate the production-ready UI to a legacy Python-based project compatible with Jinja Template Engine: Flask, Django, Bottle of FastAPI.


A template for creating HTML-based job reports with Ansible


Enable JSX for Template Literal Tags based projects.

Mauro de Souza
Custom Templates for Visual Studio Code ❤


? Custom Templates for Visual Studio Code ❤


fete Front End TEmplates - Light weight reactive JavaScript templates and routing Small: ES6 16.8K raw, 9,75K minified, 3.6K gzipped; ES5 - Transpiled, minified, gzipped 4K. Base version works in recent releases of Chrome,


WIP - a Vue 3 inspired concept based on Custom Elements


niml Niml is domain specific language that translates to string of valid html. Templates can be created easily to support modularity. You can define u


Data-Mocking 需求背景 在日常开发,测试的过程中,我们常常会碰到各种各样奇奇怪怪的造数据的需求,大部分情况下我们是针对需求定制化开发mock程序,但是这种程序往往不可复用,开发过程也费时费力。 且存在一些复杂场景,让人一看就没有自己写代码Mock数据的欲望,例如如下几个场景: 生成大量具


Transform a generic string into parameters suitable for template literals functions tags.

Jeferson Luckas
A template for web developers.


A template for web developers.

iWARES Solution Provider
A gulp plugin for artTemplate.


gulp-art-include A gulp plugin for artTemplate. Install $ npm install gulp-art-include Basic Usage Template file: <!-- demo.html --> <div>{{foo}}</div> Gulpfile: var templa

Tom Bazarnik
Sapper template with ESBuild and TypeScript


Sapper template with ESBuild and TypeScript


Vue 3 + Typescript + Vite This template should help get you started developing with Vue 3 and Typescript in Vite. The template uses Vue 3 <script setu


Tempos Tempos is an efficient javascript template engine Install npm install tempos --save Or import the 'tempos.js' in the web page &lt;script src="./dist/tempos.js"&gt;&lt;/script&gt; Usage &lt;div i