The React Framework


Visit to get started with Next.js. The below readme is the documentation for the canary (prerelease) branch. To view the documentation for the latest stable Next.js version visit


Material-UI React components that implement Google's Material Design. Installation Material-UI is available as an npm package. Stable channel (v0.x) npm install --save material-ui Pre-rele


Storybook Storybook is a development environment for UI components. It allows you to browse a component library, view the different states of each component, and interactively develop and test components. In


Fast 3kB alternative to React with the same modern API. All the power of Virtual DOM components, without the overhead: Familiar React API & patterns: ES6 Class, hooks, and Functional Components Extensive React compatibil


Overview Let's face it, forms are really verbose in React. To make matters worse, most form helpers do wayyyy too much magic and often have a significant performance cost associated with them. Formik is a small library th


JavaScript Standard Style One JavaScript Style Guide to Rule Them All No decisions to make. No .eslintrc, .jshintrc, or .jscsrc files to manage. It just works. This module saves you (and others!) time in


react-beautiful-dnd Beautiful, accessible drag and drop for lists with React.js Examples ? See how beautiful it is for yourself - have a play with the examples! Core characte


? React Hooks for forms validation (Web + React Native)


⚛️? Hooks for managing, caching and syncing asynchronous data/operations in React

Jed Watson
The Select Component for React.js


React-Select The Select control for React. Initially built for use in KeystoneJS. See for live demos and comprehensive docs. React Select is funded by Thinkmill and Atlassian. It represents a whole new app


Sortable Sortable is a JavaScript library for reorderable drag-and-drop lists. Demo: Features Supports touch devices and modern browsers (including IE9) Can dr


Build Accessible React Apps with Speed ⚡️ Chakra UI provides a set of accessible, reusable and composable React components that make it super easy to create websites and apps. Looking for t


React components for efficiently rendering large lists and tabular data. Check out the demo for some examples. Sponsors The following wonderful companies have sponsored react-virtualized:


React Redux Official React bindings for Redux. Performant and flexible. Installation React Redux requires React 0.14 or later. npm install --save react-redux This assumes that you’re using npm package manager


Draft.js Draft.js is a JavaScript rich text editor framework, built for React and backed by an immutable model. Extensible and Customizable: We provide the building blocks to enable the creation of a broad variety of rich

React Navigation
Routing and navigation for your React Native apps


React Navigation Learn once, navigate anywhere. Browse the docs on Getting started Create a new React Native App react-native init SimpleApp cd SimpleApp Install the latest version of rea

 20.7k Intro SWR is a React Hooks library for remote data fetching. The name “SWR” is derived from stale-while-revalidate, a HTTP cache invalidation strategy popularized by RFC 5861. SWR first return


React-Motion import {Motion, spring} from 'react-motion'; // In your render... <Motion defaultStyle={{x: 0}} style={{x: spring(10)}}> {value => <div>{value.x}</div>} </Motion> Animate a count

Bootstrap components built with React


React-Bootstrap Bootstrap 4 components built with React. Docs See the documentation with live editable examples and API documention. To find the documentation for the latest Bootstrap 3 compatible release


Enzyme Enzyme is a JavaScript Testing utility for React that makes it easier to assert, manipulate, and traverse your React Components' output. Enzyme's API is meant to be intuitive and flexible by mimicking jQuery's API


react-admin A frontend Framework for building admin applications running in the browser on top of REST/GraphQL APIs, using ES6, React and Material Design. Previously named admin-on-rest. Open sourced and maintained by marme


Blueprint Blueprint is a React-based UI toolkit for the web. It is optimized for building complex, data-dense web interfaces for desktop applications which run in modern browsers and IE11. This is not a mobile-first UI toolki

Selector library for Redux


Reselect Simple “selector” library for Redux inspired by getters in NuclearJS, subscriptions in re-frame and this proposal from speedskater. Selectors can compute derived data, allowing Redux to store the minimal possible

Vadim Demedes
React for CLIs


Build and test your CLI output using components.


Recharts Introduction Recharts is a Redefined chart library built with React and D3. The main purpose of this library is to help you to write charts in React applications without any pain. Main principles of


Apollo client Apollo Client is a fully-featured caching GraphQL client with integrations for React, Angular, etc. It allows you to easily build UI components that fetch data via GraphQL. To get the most value out of apollo-clie

React DnD
Drag and Drop for React


React DnD Drag and Drop for React. See the docs, tutorials and examples on the website: See the changelog on the Releases page: Quest

Adam Gołąb
Roadmap to becoming a React developer in 2019


React Developer Roadmap README in Chinese README in Japanese README in Korean README in Portuguese (Brazil) README in Russian README in Spanish Roadmap to becoming a React developer in 2019: Below you can find a chart


Relay Relay is a JavaScript framework for building data-driven React applications. Declarative: Never again communicate with your data store using an imperative API. Simply declare your data requirements using GraphQL and l

Material Components
Modular and customizable Material Design UI components for the web


Material Components for the web Material Components for the web (MDC-Web) helps developers execute Material Design. Developed by a core team of engineers and UX designers at Google, these components enable a reliable dev


name route Getting Started / Hooks for building lightweight, fast and extendable datagrids for React Enjoy this library? Try them all


React Helmet This reusable React component will manage all of your changes to the document head. Helmet takes plain HTML tags and outputs plain HTML tags. It's dead simple, and React beginner friendly. 6.0.0 B


This is a collection of simple demos of React.js. These demos are purposely written in a simple and clear style. You will find no difficulty in following them to learn the powerful library. Related Projects Flux Demo Webpa


React Testing Library Simple and complete React DOM testing utilities that encourage good testing practices. Read The Docs | Edit the docs Table of Contents The probl


Recoil is an experimental state management library for React apps. It provides several capabilities that are difficult to achieve with React alone, while being compatible with the newest features of React.


React-Grid-Layout React-Grid-Layout is a grid layout system much like Packery or Gridster, for React. Unlike those systems, it is responsive and supports breakpoints. Breakpoint layouts can be provided by the user or autoge


This project is currently in beta and APIs are subject to change. render React components to Sketch; tailor-made for design systems Quickstart ?‍ First, make sure you have installed Sketch version 43+, & a

Brandon Morelli
Free resources for learning Full Stack Web Development


100+ Free resources for learning Full Stack Web Development. Hello! I created this list and am constantly updating it with new resources, information, and news. If you want to stay updated on the newest trends, tutorial


React Native for Windows Build native Windows apps with React. See the official React Native website for an introduction to React Native. React Native is a framework developed by Facebook that enables you

Mihail Diordiev
Redux DevTools extension.


Redux DevTools Extension Installation 1. For Chrome from Chrome Web Store; or download from last releases, unzip, open chrome://extensions url and turn on developer mode from top le


FormatJS This repository is the home of FormatJS and related libraries. Slack: Join us on Slack at for help, general conversation and more ? ? ? You can sign-up using this invitation


react-canvas Introductory blog post React Canvas adds the ability for React components to render to <canvas> rather than DOM. This project is a work-in-progress. Though much of the code is in production on,


? The Office UI Fabric React project has evolved to Fluent UI. ? The office-ui-fabric-react repo has moved! This should not disrupt any current Fabric usage, repo clones, pull requests or issue reporting. Links should redir

Semantic Org
The official Semantic-UI-React integration


Semantic UI React Hey, we're in development. Prior to reaching v1.0.0: MINOR versions represent breaking changes PATCH versions represent fixes and features There are no deprecation warnin


React Native Navigation App-wide support for 100% native navigation with an easy cross-platform interface. For iOS, this package is a wrapper around react-native-controllers, but provides a simplified more abstract API ov


Redux DevTools A live-editing time travel environment for Redux. See Dan's React Europe talk demoing it! Note that the implemention in this repository is different from Redux DevTools Extension. Please refer to the latter for


React component that uses SVG to create a collection of loaders which simulates the structure of the content that will be loaded, similar to Facebook cards loaders.


Evergreen v4 coming soon Prerelease: yarn add [email protected] View PR View v4 Documentation (WIP) React 16 Documentation (WIP) View Live Storybook Presentational Re

Farid Safi
The most complete chat UI for React Native


? Gifted Chat The most complete chat UI for React Native & Web Demo Web ? Sponsor Coding Bootcamp in Paris c


react-jsonschema-form A simple React component capable of building HTML forms out of a JSON schema and using Bootstrap semantics by default. Testing powered by BrowserStack Documentation Documentation is hosted


This project has migrated to The source code for the v3 of the extension can be found in the v3 branch. To build the v3 browser extension from source: git checkout v3 # Install dependencies and buil


This repo is now deprecated. In the time since it created TypeScript support is now a default feature of Create React App, Next.JS and Razzle. This means you can get started with: # Creates an app called my-app npx create-react-app my-a


Logo by @elisiri Create desktop applications through a React syntax, on all platforms. V2 is released! V2 has been released and it brings a whole host of improvements including new components that are identical to R


Medis Medis is a beautiful, easy-to-use Redis management application built on the modern web with Electron, React, and Redux. It's powered by many awesome Node.js modules, especially ioredis and ssh2. Medis starts with all


React Color 13 Different Pickers - Sketch, Photoshop, Chrome and many more Make Your Own - Use the building block components to make your own Installation & Usage npm install react-color --save


Reactide is the first dedicated IDE for React web application development. Reactide is a cross-platform desktop application that offers a simulator, made for live reloading and quick React component prototyping. React brings

Diego Muracciole
Create PDF files using React


React renderer for creating PDF files on the browser, mobile and server This project is still in development, so please do not use react-pdf on production yet. First release soon! How it works import React from 'react';


reactstrap Stateless React Components for Bootstrap 4. Getting Started Follow the create-react-app instructions to get started and then follow the reactstrap version of adding bootstrap. tl;dr npx


react-autocompletely ? Primitives to build simple, flexible, WAI-ARIA compliant React autocomplete components The problem You need an autocomplete experience in yo


React Styleguidist React Styleguidist is a style guide generator for React components. It lists component propTypes and shows live, editable usage examples based on Markdown files. You can use it to generate a static HTML pag

Kiran Abburi
React carousel component


react-slick Carousel component built with React. It is a react port of slick carousel Documentation Installation npm npm install react-slick --save yarn yarn add react-slick ⚠️


You are viewing the docs for v6 of React Static. You can browse all historical versions via Github branches! React Static A progressive static-site generator for React. React-Static is a fast, lightweight, an


A comprehensive starter kit for rapid application development using React. Why Slingshot? One command to get started - Type npm start to start development in your default browser. Rapid feedback - Each time you hit save, c


nivo provides supercharged React components to easily build dataviz apps, it's built on top of d3. Several libraries already exist for React d3 integration, but just a few provide server side rendering ability and fully declarativ

 9.7k | Website WebGL2-powered, highly performant large-scale data visualization is designed to simplify high-performance, WebGL-based visualization of large data sets. Users can quickly get


Victory an ecosystem of composable React components for building interactive data visualizations. Contents Getting Started Victory Native API Documentation Guides Contributing See the doc


React UI Components for macOS High Sierra and Windows 10. npm install react-desktop --save Help wanted! I am looking for developers to help me develop this project. Please submit some ideas in the is

ReactJS based Presentation Library


Spectacle ✨ A ReactJS based Presentation Library ✨ Looking for a quick preview of what you can do with Spectacle? Check out our Live Demo deck here. Have a question about Spectacle? Submit an iss


30 Days of React challenge is a step by step guide to learn React in 30 days. This challenge needs an intermediate level of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge. It is recommended to feel good at JavaScript before you start to React. If you are not comfortable with JavaScript check out 30DaysOfJavaScript. This is a continuation of 30 Days Of JavaScript.


React Toolbox is a set of React components that implement Google's Material Design specification. It's powered by CSS Modules and harmoniously integrates with your webpack workflow, although you can use any other module b


React Toolbox is a set of React components that implement Google's Material Design specification. It's powered by CSS Modules and harmoniously integrates with your webpack workflow, although you can use any other module b

Simple HTML5 drag-drop zone with React.js.


react-dropzone Simple React hook to create a HTML5-compliant drag'n'drop zone for files. Documentation and examples at Source code at


React VR React VR is a framework for the creation of VR applications that run in your web browser. It pairs modern APIs like WebGL and WebVR with the declarative power of React, producing experiences that can be consumed throug


React Flow is a library for building node-based graphs. You can easily implement custom node types and it comes with components like a mini-map and graph controls.


Transform SVGs into React components ? Try it out online! Watch the talk at React Europe npx @svgr/cli Supporting SVGR SVGR is an MIT-licensed open source project. It's an


ReactXP ReactXP is a library for cross-platform app development using React and React Native. Why ReactXP With React and React Native, your web app can share most of its logic with your iOS and Android apps, b

 8.3k | Website | Demo App | Docs is a data-agnostic, high-performance web-based application for visual exploration of large-scale geolocation data sets. Built on top of Mapbox GL and de

Render Markdown as React components


react-markdown Renders Markdown as pure React components. Demo available at react-markdown is proudly sponsored by Sanity: The Headless CMS Construction Kit Install


This library is deprecated. Please see react-vis | Demos | Docs A COMPOSABLE VISUALIZATION SYSTEM Overview A collection of react components to render common data visuali


Next-generation React database Build powerful React and React Native apps that scale from hundreds to tens of thousands of records and remain fast WatermelonDB


Grommet: focus on the essential experience Documentation Visit the Grommet website for more information. Support / Contributing Before opening an issue or pull request, please read the Contributin


Rebass React UI component library & design system, built with styled-system, with support for styled-components & emotion. npm i rebass Rebass is a library of highly-composable, primi


React Cosmos A dev environment for building scalable, high-quality user interfaces. Visual TDD. Develop one component at a time. Isolate the UI you're working on and iterate quickly. Reloading your whole app on ever


React Icons Include popular icons in your React projects easily with react-icons, which utilizes ES6 imports that allows you to include only the icons that your project is using. Installation Yarn yar


A React Component library implementing the Base design language

React draggable component


React-Draggable A simple component for making elements draggable. <Draggable> <div>I can now be moved around!</div> </Draggable> Demo Changelog Version Compatibility


Awesome Next.js Curated list of resources: books, videos, articles about using Next.js. Next.js is a minimalistic framework for server-rendered React applications. List inspired by the awesome list thing. You might als


TinaCMS Getting Started Website Documentation Roadmap Contributing How to Contribute Creating Packages Troubleshooting in Development Releasing


? React Final Form ✅ Zero dependencies ✅ Only peer dependencies: React and ? Final Form ✅ Opt-in subscriptions - only update on the state you need! ✅ ? 2.9k gzip


urql Universal React Query Library What is urql Why this exists How its different Install Getting Started Cache control Custom Caches API Client Provider Connect Props R


react-modal Accessible modal dialog component for React.JS Installation To install the stable version: npm install --save react-modal Usage <Modal isOpen={bool} onAfterOpen={afterOpenFn} onReq

 6.8k This repo contains the source code and documentation powering Getting started Prerequisites Git Node: any 8.x version starting with 8.4.0 or greater Yarn: See Yarn website fo


STORM React Diagrams PSA: React Diagrams is currently getting a bit of a rewrite to enable much more advanced features. To see the new foundation WIP visit DEMO: http://proje


React-Move Beautiful, data-driven animations for React. Just 3.5kb (gzipped)! Documentation and Examples Features Animate HTML, SVG & React-Native Fine-grained control of delay, duratio


React Date Picker A simple and reusable Datepicker component for React (Demo) Installation The package can be installed via npm: npm install react-datepicker --save Or via yarn: yarn add react-datepicker


react-map-gl | Docs react-map-gl is a suite of React components for Mapbox GL JS. Mapbox GL JS is an awesome library for making modern web maps. It is beautiful, efficient (WebGL-powered), and fully open source. You


React code splitting made easy. Reduce your bundle size without stress ✂️ ✨ . npm install loadable-components Webpack allows modern code splitting via the dynamic import syntax. loadable-components makes it possibl


ReactPlayer A react component for playing a variety of URLs, including file paths, YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, Streamable, Vidme, Vimeo, Wistia and DailyMotion. Used by rplayr, an app to generate playlists from Reddit URL


React NodeGui Build performant, native and cross-platform desktop applications with React. ? React NodeGUI is powered by React ⚛️ and Qt5 ? which makes it CPU and memory efficient as compared to other ch


BizCharts New charting and visualization library has been released: Please move to it and we won't maintain the old version soon. More details about BizCharts Features