Rust Cargo plugins

[cargo-]flamegraph A Rust-powered flamegraph generator with additional support for Cargo projects! It can be used to profile anything, not just Rust p


$ cargo watch Cargo Watch watches over your project's source for changes, and runs Cargo commands when they occur. If you've used nodemon, gulp, guard


Tarpaulin Tarpaulin is designed to be a code coverage reporting tool for the Cargo build system, named for a waterproof cloth used to cover cargo on a


A cargo subcommand for the client-side Web This cargo subcommand aims to make it easy and convenient to build, develop and deploy client-side Web appl


cargo audit Audit Cargo.lock files for crates with security vulnerabilities reported to the RustSec Advisory Database. Requirements cargo audit requir


deprecated in favor of which works with winit master Android Glue Usage With Docker The easiest way t


❌ cargo-deny cargo-deny is a cargo plugin for linting your dependencies. See the book ? for in-depth documentation. To run on CI as a GitHub Action,


cargo-update A cargo subcommand for checking and applying updates to installed executables Documentation Manpage Installation Firstly, ensure you have


cargo-inspect What is Rust doing behind the scenes? There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as


cargo wasi A Bytecode Alliance project A lightweight Cargo subcommand to build code for the wasm32-wasi target. Guide | Contributing Installation To i


Cargo C-ABI helpers cargo applet to build and install C-ABI compatibile dynamic and static libraries. It produces and installs a correct pkg-config fi


cargo-readme Generate from doc comments. Cargo subcommand that extract documentation from your crate's doc comments that you can use to popu


cargo-ndk - Build Rust code for Android This cargo extension handles all the environment configuration needed for successfully building libraries for


cargo-license A cargo subcommand to see license of dependencies. Installation and Usage You can install cargo-license with: cargo install cargo-licens


cargo-xbuild Cargo-xbuild is a wrapper for cargo build, which cross compiles the sysroot crates core, compiler_builtins, and alloc for custom targets.


cargo-deps Table of Contents cargo-deps About Installing Instructions Dependency Kinds Filtering Excluding Depth Filtering transitive edges Subgraphs


crate2nix crate2nix generates nix build files for rust crates using cargo. Same dependency tree as cargo: It uses cargo_metadata to obtain the depende


cargo-wix: A cargo subcommand to create Windows installers A subcommand for Cargo that builds a Windows installer (msi) using the Wix Toolset from the


Cargo tally cargo tally is a Cargo subcommand for drawing graphs of the number of crates that depend directly or indirectly on a crate over time. Usag


Cargo Travis Record total test coverage across in-crate and external tests, and upload to The goal is to eventually have feature parity


built provides a crate with information from the time it was built. built is used as a build-time dependency to collect various information about the


cargo diet is a companion program of The Lean Crate Initiative to help computing 'optimal' include directives for your Cargo.toml manifest. 'optimal'


Yas Yet Another Genshin Impact Scanner 又一个原神圣遗物导出器 介绍 基于CRNN(MobileNetV3_Small + LSTM)字符识别模型,使用原神字体对原神中会出现的字符串进行训练,达到更高的速度和更精确的结果。 导出结果可以导入分析工具(例如 莫娜占


cargo-ebuild cargo ebuild is a Cargo subcommand that generates an ebuild recipe that uses cargo.eclass to build a Cargo based project for Gentoo Insta


cargo-i18n This crate is a Cargo sub-command cargo i18n which can be used to extract and build localization resources for your crate. The i18n-embed l


RustCrypto: Utilities This repository contains various utility crates used in the RustCrypto project. License All crates licensed under either of Apac


cargo-whatfeatures Table of Contents Install Notes on color Usage License Examples Features list the features for the latest version list the features


cargo-valgrind A cargo subcommand, that runs valgrind and collects its output in a helpful manner. This command extends cargo with the capability to d


cargo sync-readme A plugin that generates a Markdown section in your README based on your Rust documentation. How does this work? Basically, this tool


cargo-bundle-licenses Bundle all third-party licenses into a single file. NOTE This tools is not a lawyer and no guarantee of correctness can be made


Fast cargo install action This GitHub Action installs a Rust crate using precompiled signed binaries built on GitHub and hosted as GitHub release arti


Ktra is an implementation of the Alternate Registry that is introduced for non-public crates in Rust/Cargo 1.34.


cargo-pack-docker A cargo-packer for docker; package your application into a docker image to deploy without Dockerfile THIS PRODUCT IS ALPHA STATUS. U


Simple popup for using marks in Sway This allows you to use vim-like marks in sway easily. Usage: bindsym --to-code $mod+m exec sway-marker mark binds

Igor Shaposhnik
Helps cargo build and run apps for iOS


cargo-xcodebuild Helps cargo build and run apps for iOS. ? ⚙️ ? Setup You need to install Xcode (NOT just Command Line Tools!), xcodegen, cargo-xcod

David Tolnay
Remove Cargo.lock lockfile


cargo rm New Cargo versions sometimes write out a lockfile that triggers parse failures in old Cargo versions. $ cargo +1.41.0 check ... Finished


cargo eval A cargo plugin to quickly evaluate some Rust source code. Installation $ cargo install --git Us