Rust GUI

Framework agnostic toolchain for building highly secure native apps that have tiny binaries and are very fast.


Iced A cross-platform GUI library for Rust focused on simplicity and type-safety. Inspired by Elm. Features Simple, easy-to-use, batteries-included AP


An immediate mode GUI library written in Rust. Works anywhere you can draw textured triangles.


Fast Spotify client with native GUI, without Electron, built in Rust. Very early in development, lacking in features, stability, and general user experience. It is being tested only on Mac so far, but aims for full Windows and Linux support. Contributions welcome!


druid A data-first Rust-native UI toolkit. Druid is an experimental Rust-native UI toolkit. Its main goal is to offer a polished user experience. Ther


Azul - Desktop GUI framework WARNING: The features advertised in this README may not work yet. Azul is a free, functional, immediate mode GUI framewor


The Orbital Widget Toolkit is a cross-platform (G)UI toolkit for building scalable user interfaces with the programming language Rust. It's based on t


Conrod An easy-to-use, 2D GUI library written entirely in Rust. Guide What is Conrod? A Brief Summary Screenshots and Videos Feature Overview Availabl


Conrod An easy-to-use, 2D GUI library written entirely in Rust. Guide What is Conrod? A Brief Summary Screenshots and Videos Feature Overview Availabl

Fyrox Engine
rg3d - 3D Game engine


RG3D 3D game engine written in Rust. WARNING: Some places are semi-complete or just does not implemented yet, this engine is not in production-ready s


winit - Cross-platform window creation and management in Rust [dependencies] winit = "0.22.2" Documentation For features within the scope of winit, se


Relm Asynchronous, GTK+-based, GUI library, inspired by Elm, written in Rust. This library is in alpha stage: it has not been thoroughly tested and it


web-view   Prerequisites Installation and Configuration Known Issues and Limitations Suggestions Contribution opportunities Ideas for apps Showcase Im


Stretch Stretch is an implementation of Flexbox written in Rust. The goal of stretch is to provide a solid foundation for layout across all platforms


imgui-rs: Rust bindings for Dear ImGui Still fairly experimental! Minimum Rust version: 1.40 Wrapped Dear ImGui version: 1.76 Window::new(im_str!("Hel


LeftWM - A window manager for Adventurers Why go left Left is a tiling window manager written in rust for stability and performance. The core of left


gtk Project site | Online documentation Rust bindings and wrappers for GLib, GDK 3, GTK+ 3 and Cairo. Building gtk expects GTK+, GLib and Cairo develo


Native Windows GUI READ THIS This version of Native Windows GUI is no longer maintained (and has been so for 2~3 years). That said, the library is in


ritual ritual allows to use C++ libraries from Rust. It analyzes the C++ API of a library and generates a fully-featured crate that provides convenien


webview_deno deno bindings for webview using the webview_rust library. Webview is a tiny cross-platform library to render web-based GUIs for desktop a

Rust Native UI Group
libui-rs — libui bindings .


Improved User Interface A cross-platform UI toolkit for Rust based on libui iui: ui-sys: iui is a simple (about 4 kLOC of Rust), small (about 800kb, i


Miniquad Miniquad is safe and cross-platform rendering library focused on portability and low-end platforms support API is highly inspired by sokol-gf

Terra Informatica Software, Inc
rust-sciter — Sciter bindings


Rust bindings for Sciter Check this page for other language bindings (Delphi / D / Go / .NET / Python / Rust). Introduction Sciter is an embeddable mu


fltk-rs Rust bindings for the FLTK Graphical User Interface library. The FLTK crate is a crossplatform lightweight gui library which can be statically


orogene Yet another JavaScript package manager, I guess. License Licensing decisions are controlled by Cross-License Collaborative Members, as defined


notify-rust A not so well-named library for displaying desktop notifications. [dependencies] notify-rust = "4" Usage & Documentation Please see the do


KAS GUI KAS, the toolKit Abstraction System, is a general-purpose GUI toolkit. Examples For details, see the Examples README. Goals and status Goals o


Cacao This library provides safe Rust bindings for AppKit on macOS and (eventually) UIKit on iOS. It tries to do so in a way that, if you've done prog


qmlrs - QtQuick bindings for Rust qmlrs allows the use of QML/QtQuick code from Rust, specifically Rust code can create a QtQuick engine (QQmlApplicat


Universal Android Debloater GUI DISCLAIMER: Use it at your own risk. I am not responsible for anything that could happen to your phone. This software


QMetaObject crate for Rust The qmetaobject crate is a crate which is used to expose rust object to Qt and QML. Objectives Rust procedural macro (custo


KISS-UI A UI framework for Rust based on the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) philosophy. Powered by the IUP GUI library for C by Tecgraf, via the bindi


nuklear-rust The bindings to the Nuklear 2D immediate GUI library. Currently beta. Drawing backends: gfx-pre-ll for GFX 3D drawing engine (examples: O


neutrino I am not working anymore on this project. If you want to become a maintainer of neutrino, please answer to this issue. Preamble Docs | Repo |


yew-material is a material-ui framework for yew


dockeye GUI app for managing Docker Installation Prebuilt packages Download one of the archives available on the releases page and extract it somewher


AutoPilot AutoPilot is a Rust port of the Python C extension AutoPy, a simple, cross-platform GUI automation library for Python. For more information,


X11 rust bindings Feel free to open issues for any problems or questions you might have. A comparison with some other Rust X11 libraries is available

qml-rust — QML bindings.


QML-rust - bindings for Qt Quick Bindings are based on DOtherSide C bindings for QML Library is mostly feature-compliant with other bindings based on


nfd-rs nfd-rs is a Rust binding to the library nativefiledialog, that provides a convenient cross-platform interface to opening file dialogs on Linux,


Cnx — A simple X11 status bar for use with simple WMs. Cnx doesn't rely on functionality from any specific WM, instead preferring to get its data from


cedar ? cedar is a Rust framework for building visual/interactive applications. Note: cedar is in the experimental stage and rapidly evolving. Gettin


komorebi is a tiling window manager that works as an extension to Microsoft's Desktop Window Manager in Windows 10 and above.


Findex Highly customizable finder with high performance. Written in Rust and uses GTK Installation Automatic Binary Clone from https://aur.archlinux.o


High-level memory-safe binding generator for Flutter/Dart <-> Rust Want to combine the best between Flutter, a cross-platform hot-reload rapid-develop


Maintainance request I've been very happy to work on this project, but I don't have the possibility anymore to maintain these bindings to the level th


Smithay's Client Toolkit This crate is a toolkit for writing wayland clients in rust, on top of wayland-client. Currently a work in progress, it curre


This repo contains a prototype for exploration into a possible next-generation reactive UI architecture for [Druid]. For background, see the blog post Towards a unified theory of reactive UI. It is a fusion of ideas from many sources, including imgui, Jetpack Compose, Moxie, Makepad, Conrod, and others.


Klask Allows you to create a gui application automatically from clap (v3). Uses egui for graphics. Features Supports optional fields with and without


Iced Audio An extension to the Iced GUI library with useful widgets for audio applications such as VST / LV2 plugins. more screenshots Widgets impleme


glib GLib bindings for Rust. Alongside GLib bindings, this crate also includes the infrastructure to subclass GObject for extending libraries like GTK


⚠️ imgui-ext needs a full rewrite. Since it was my first attempt at making a procedural macro, it has grown messy and difficult to maintain due to lac


Yoga-rs A Rust wrapper for Facebook's Yoga layout library. You may also want to check out stretch as it is a pure Rust implementation. Dependencies ca


macro-attr This crate provides the macro_attr! macro that enables the use of custom, macro-based attributes and derivations. Supercedes the custom_der


maple A VDOM-less web library with fine-grained reactivity. Getting started The recommended build tool is Trunk. Start by adding maple-core to your Ca


rust-webview ⚠️ This project is a work in progress. Very alpha. Really. This crate uses C bindings from zserge/webview to display a Rust controllable


GUI for Cargo - This is a project to make a GUI for cargo, built using SixtyFPS:


Matchbox Painless peer-to-peer WebRTC networking for rust wasm applications. The goal of the Matchbox project is to enable udp-like, unordered, unreli


Single Page Application (SPA) written using Rust, Wasm and Yew


Basalt is a window/ui framework for building desktop applications or providing a ui a top other applications. In the backend vulkano which is a safe r


i3nator i3nator is Tmuxinator for the i3 window manager. It allows you to manage what are called "projects", which are used to easily restore saved i3


Reducer A platform for reactive programming in Rust that can be used to manage the state of any kind of application. It shines when used to drive grap


rust-wlc Rust bindings for wlc, the Wayland compositor library. It is suggested you use the much better designed, this is used primarily for Wa


rust-chessground An experimental chessboard widget for Relm/GTK. Inspired by chessground.js. Features Uses vocabulary from Shakmaty but is chess rule


nix-query-tree-viewer nix-query-tree-viewer is a convenient way to visualize the output of the dependencies of a given path in the Nix store. This is


Make portable apps and video games in Rust! About | Source | Changelog | Tutorials | Blog Cala is intended to be an "oxidized re-implementation" of bo

David Campbell
iup-rust — IUP bindings


IUP Rust This library provides a high level wrapper around IUP, a multi-platform toolkit for building graphical user interfaces. See rust-iup-sys for


Mg Minimal UI library based on relm (GTK+), written in Rust. Installation Add the following line to the dependencies section of your Cargo.toml: mg =


tinyfiledialogs-rs This is a high-level Rust binding to the excellent tinyfiledialogs library by Guillaume Vareille. The source for the C library is i


Qt5 binding for Rust language. This project provides bindings that allow the QT Gui toolkit to be used from the Rust Programming language. Compi

Michael Fairley
imgui-sdl2 - SDL2 Input handling for imgui-rs


imgui-sdl2 SDL2 Input handling for imgui-rs Integration guide Construct it. let mut imgui_sdl2 = imgui_sdl2::ImguiSdl2::new(&mut imgui, &window); At t


wallpaper This Rust library gets and sets the desktop wallpaper/background. The supported desktops are: Windows macOS GNOME KDE Cinnamon Unity Budgie


Immi Immediate mode user interface library. Immi doesn't draw for you, it only tells you what you need to draw. This is done through a trait named Dra


SwiftUI Inspired UI Library written in rust


Super simple X window manager in Rust.


worm worm is a floating, tag-based window manager for X11. It is written in the Rust programming language, using the X11RB library. A window manager i


An egui backend for godot-rust.


fonterator Load fonts as vector graphics in pure Rust with advanced text layout. When you want to render text, fonterator gives you an iterator over f


ark-circom Arkworks bindings to Circom's R1CS, for Groth16 Proof and Witness generation in Rust. Documentation Clone the repository and run cd ark-cir


tsgql Making Typescript and GraphQL a pleasant experience. What is this? tsgql is an experimental GraphQL code generator that takes a different approa


plonkit! A zkSNARK toolkit to work with circom zkSNARKs DSL in plonk proof system. Based on zkutil and bellman_ce. Prerequisites npm i axel Features &

enum windows Rust


enum windows Rust


Clear Coat Clear Coat is a Rust wrapper for the IUP GUI library. IUP uses native controls and has Windows and GTK backends. A macOS backend has been o


⌛ poll-promise A Rust promise for games and immediate mode GUIs Description poll-promise is a Rust crate for polling the result of a concurrent (e.g.


cam A Rust library for 3D camera and navigation. Maintainer: @bvssvni How to contribute Goals 3D camera management for the Piston game engine Computin


Motivation I have used DMenu and Rofi in dmenu mode for a while as my main launchers (with (scripts)[TODO] wrapping them), but I've found that they do


mush mush is currently targeting lichen for its dialogue graph backend, but ultimately will be generic and could target anything that implements some


constduck: compile-time duck typing and reflection constduck provides a procmacro that can enable compile time duck typing and reflection on arbitrary


JVMTI Bindings for Rust This project provides complete JVMTI bindings for Rust Warning The project is currently only available for testing. Example cd


A Rust crate to easily import Glade-generated UI files into Rust code.

example of plotters and iced canvas


plotters_backend_iced_app example of plotters and iced canvas How to use $ git clone $ cd pl


substrait-rs Experimental Rust bindings for substrait. Build & Test Clone this repository. git clone [email protected]:andygrove/substrait-rs.git cd subs


clap-sys Rust bindings for the CLAP audio plugin API. Currently implements the base API and all of the non-draft extensions. The example loads success


NetPort A GUI address port checker written in Rust Install ? Windows and macOS binary files can be found in Release section Compile from Source Code


dav-server-rs A fork of the webdav-handler-rs project. Generic async HTTP/Webdav handler Webdav (RFC4918) is defined as HTTP (GET/HEAD/PUT/DELETE) plu

Python bindings for egg


Python bindings for egg Installing Install maturin, a cool Rust/Python builder thingy. Download from their site or just pip install maturin. Type make


Overview As the popularity of the library minifb shows, it is useful to put a 2D buffer/image on a window in a platform-independent way. Minifb's appr


DQt DQt contains experimental bindings for using a subset of Qt with the D Programming Language. Qt is a library for writing cross-platform graphical


luau - Rust bindings to Roblox's Luau This library is an interface between Rust and Luau. It aims to be easy-to-use, fast, and safe (kind of like rlua