Vue.js Tree

The document is poorly written and you are welcome to refine your documentation in the process of using it to better help others. Version: 2.x  (中文文档)


vue-jstree English/中文 Introduction A tree plugin for vue2 DEMO NPM npm install vue-jstree ES6 import VJstr


Liquor Tree A Vue tree component that allows you to present hierarchically organized data in a nice and logical manner. documentation | demos Features


vue-tree-list A vue component for tree structure. Support adding treenode/leafnode, editing node's name and dragging. Live Demo install Install the pl


sl-vue-tree Customizable draggable tree component for Vue.js demo install npm i sl-vue-tree Quick start <div id="app"> <sl-vue-tree v-model="nodes"/


VueJS Tree A highly customizable vuejs tree viewer Example codesandbox Getting Started Install You can install using yarn: $ yarn add vuejs-tree or wi


Noodel is a user interface for presenting beautiful, dynamic content trees. Based on an innovative swipe-based design that is simple and intuitive.


tree-component A reactjs and vuejs tree component. features vuejs component reactjs component open and close select and deselect disabled loading high


A Vue.js component to display hierarchical data (like the MacOS X finder) Installation npm install --save @jledentu/vue-finder vue-finder can be used

基于 Vue 2的组织架构树组件


基于 Vue 2的组织架构树组件


Vue JSON Component Demo A collapsable tree view for JSON. This package has some similarites with vue-json-tree-view so I'll address the differences be


vue-trees a tree UI base on vue 2.X install npm install vue-trees --save or cnpm i vue-trees -S Quick start import Vue from 'vue' import vueTrees f

A twrp device tree for Redmi K30Ultra


Copyright (C) 2020 PixelExperience Plus Edition Device configuration for Redmi K30 Ultra ========================================= Before this ❤️ 致谢丶T