Vuejs-Phoenix vue demo: App example with JWT Authentication Phoenix Framework demo @Angarsk8App example with JWT Authentication developed with Phoenix Framework, Vue and Vue Router (demo) by @Angarsk8

Basic Authentication Example Built With Phoenix, Vue 2.0 and Vue Router 2.0

*Sorry for not having the commit history of this project, at the beginning I didn't realize that I was going to upload it to Github

To start this application locally:

  • Make sure you have installed Elixir, Erlang, Phoenix, Node and PostgreSQL
  • Install the Mix dependencies: $ cd server/ && mix deps.get
  • Create, migrate and seed the development database: $ mix ecto.setup
  • Start the Phoenix Server: $ mix phoenix.server or $ iex -S mix phoenix.server
  • Install the NPM packages $ cd ../client/ && npm install
  • Start the Express development server: $ npm run dev

To build the Vue.js project for production:

  • In the client directory, run $ npm run build (this will execute the build/build.js script and will copy the produced files to the server/priv/js/ and server/priv/css/ directories)

To deploy this application on Heroku:

  • Follow this guide in the Phoenix website.

Next Steps:

  • Deployment using Docker and Docker-Compose.


  • have you considered upgrading to elixir 1.4?
    have you considered upgrading to elixir 1.4?

    Jul 13, 2017

  • Can login without valid token
    Can login without valid token

    May 20, 2017


    Doing this in console while logged out, takes me into the auth section and lets me search for gifs etc.

    localStorage.setItem("id_token", "wops")