Javascript-Defi frontrunning challenge: An ethereum challenge related to front running

Front Run Challenge

This is a challenge to showcase a front running exploit on the ETH blockchain. This is built using hardhat network.

Challenge Overview

Alice has deployed a vault contract located in contracts/Vault.sol which has 10 ETH stored in it. To retrieve the ETH the sender must prove they know the secret bytes which hash to the value stored when the contract was deployed.

Alice is about to withdraw the ETH from the vault. Your job is to take the ETH before Alice does without knowing the password (at least initally ? ).


To attempt this challenge, first clone or fork this repository with:

git clone

Install dependencies:

cd defi-frontrunning-challenge && npm install

Write your exploit in the test/challenge.ts file within the EXPLOIT section.

Ensure you interact with the contract as the attacker. You can do this with

const attackerVault = this.vault.connect(attacker)

Then interact with the new attackerVault var.


Test your exploit by running:

npx hardhat test

If the test passes then you have won! If not, try harder :).

If you enjoyed this challenge let me know @BlueAlder

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This challenge was inspired by @tinchoabbate's DamnVulnerableDeFi challenges. Which you can access at and is super fun and I highly reccomend it!