Rust-Cargo xcodebuild: Helps cargo build and run apps for iOS


Helps cargo build and run apps for iOS. ? ⚙️ ?


You need to install Xcode (NOT just Command Line Tools!), xcodegen, cargo-xcodebuild, and required rust targets.

1. Xcode

Install via App Store.

2. xcodegen

brew install xcodegen

Check xcodegen installation guide for other options.

2. cargo-xcodebuild:

Release version:

cargo install cargo-xcodebuild

Git version:

cargo install --git cargo-xcodebuild

4. Install required rust targets:

  • aarch64-apple-ios: iOS devices
  • x86_64-apple-ios: iOS simulator on x86 processors
  • aarch64-apple-ios-sim: iOS simulator on Apple processors
rustup target add aarch64-apple-ios x86_64-apple-ios aarch64-apple-ios-sim


  • check: Checks that the current package builds without creating xcodeproject
  • build: Compiles the current package and create xcodeproject
  • run: Run a project on device or simulator
  • generate Generate xcodeproject without building it
  • open: Open generated project with Xcode
  • devices: List of booted simulator devices and connected devices
  • teams: List of signing teams
  • boot: Boot a simulator with specific device id

For example:

# Boot a simulator
cargo xcodebuild boot 4F57337E-1AF2-4D30-9726-87040063C016
# Run on avaliable device or simulator
cargo xcodebuild run

Project setup

Make sure your Cargo.toml contains staticlib crate type and required build targets:

name = "cargo_xcodebuild_minimal_example"
version = "0.1.0"
edition = "2021"

# Required
crate-type = ["staticlib"]


# Required
build_targets = ["aarch64-apple-ios"]

And contains main_rs function:

pub extern "C" fn main_rs() {
    // start game code here

Following instruction to run on a simulator or a device.


Following configuration options are supported by cargo xcodebuild under [package.metadata.ios]:

# Specifies the array of targets to build for.
build_targets = ["aarch64-apple-ios", "aarch64-apple-ios-sim", "x86_64-apple-ios"]

# Specifies the array of dependencies sdk. Empty by default.
dependencies = ["OpenGLES.framework", "GLKit.framework", "Security.framework", "UIKit.framework"]

# Specifies deployment target. "12" by default.
deployment_target = "13.0"

# Specifies bundleIdPrefix. "com.rust" by default.
bundle_id_prefix = ""

code_sign_identity = "Apple Developer"

development_team = "XXXXXX"

# Specifies device id and device type.
device_id = "XXXXXX"
device_type = "simulator" # or "device".

# Specifies an assets folder.
assets = ["assets/"]

Feel free to create an issue/PR if you need more!


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Inspired by a similar tool for Android - cargo apk.