Javascript-SusOS: Among Us parody OS, and the toolbelt for impostors everywhere.

SusOS Linux

A parody utility OS inspired by Among Us ඞ.


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General Info

SusOS is a meme operating system inspired by the Among Us craze. It aims to be a "swiss knife" type of live system, the kind you boot up to repair your drive or install Gentoo with. It features common utilities such as CFDisk, Midnight Commander and a Perl prompt. It also features suspkg, its own build-from-source package manager which is currently its infancy.


  • Sussy theme selection and color pallete.
  • Uses LXDE with Openbox for a graphical environment, with fast desktop switching by default.
  • among-sus, a libre Among Us inspired text-adventure game, playable in a terminal.
  • DollarSkip, a simple C app to ignore $ signs inputted at the start of a command, for convenience when copying commands from online tutorials.
  • Midnight Commander, the swiss army knife of Unix.
  • SusPKG, a SusOS' very own build-from-source package manager.
  • An interactive Perl prompt for quick statement evaluations.
  • Transmission, a torrent client for those who aren't children of the devil.


  • Helena, lead developer, founder and active maintainer.
  • Tehc, co-maintainer for packages.
  • Phene, our mirror host.
  • Linkley, for being the one who seedboxes most of our torrents.


  • SusOS is first and foremost a software distribution. Source code for our package manager is hosted here, and the (small) package repository is hosted here.

  • You can get our icons and assets here.

Special Thanks

9front, the eternal inspiration for release names everywhere.


  • AmogOS Fork and Resignation Letter
    AmogOS Fork and Resignation Letter

    Jan 10, 2022

    The original announcement on the AmogOS repo was deleted by Moon. A web archive can be found here.

    10th of January, 2022

    The 7th (date where the team split was cemented) was what you could call a happy day for it’s neglected participants and ex-participants. No longer will we have to wiggle through the unbearable and impenetrable team politics inside of AmogOS, but we will also be embarking on a much more exciting, much more useful fork. However, we cannot embark on a legitimate continuation of the project without at least explaining our rationale.

    AmogOS as it exists is pretty much dead, and chugs along releasing an update or two ever since the Bullseye release, enjoying spikes of attention, contributions and activity after a video is released on it or after a developer takes an initiative. Efforts to further OS development and lead it into a tangible direction have failed hard ever since then, with actual progress and knowledge-building falling by the wayside. What was once a project of love is now marked by neglect.

    Everytime a developer who isn’t Nooz goes too far with their own initiative, they are vetoed by Moon, who has thankfully lost the space he can interfere in because of personal time constraints, so now development changes happen at the pace of day-long bursts where he is not active or when he’s doing it himself. Either that, or he lets initiative go too far, as he did with the AmogOS merch store which was taken down by the actual Among Us developers for selling copyrighted artwork.

    Much of the “initiative” isn’t good either. Involving either the introduction of text editor rebrands sizing at about 200MB or Minecraft Pi syscall translation layers and total conversion mods sizing at about 600MB. Not even the performance of Among Us itself has improved that much in the OS! This all, of course, takes the place over basic things such as user agnosticity in the OS. The introduction of a straight x86 port of pi-apps instead of just a deb repository or rudimentary manual packages was very weird as well.

    And that is, of course, ignoring the disaster that community management for AmogOS has always been, given that youtuber bait doesn’t make for the best community out there, you’d guess that such a community needs at least the bare minimum of moderation, which of course, was not there at all. That is to say, the first Discord which was associated with Jostro quite literally had no rules, and the second one has a set of rules that isn’t really followed or enforced, because Moon for his part actually hates his moderation team as he is currently going through his soy brainmelt phase, and Nooz folds easily to whoever reaches him first to complain to him. The best thing you could say about the other admins is that they exist, barely.

    Intention to Fork and Resign

    The AmogOS split team now must announce two things:

    • Their voluntary resignation from the AmogOS project, both as first parties and indirectly contributing third parties.

    • Their fork of AmogOS, called SusOS, which they consider to be a direct continuation and spiritual successor to the AmogOS project under a different name, and can be accessed here.


    Phene, Mirrorer and Contributor. Until October 13 2021. Helena, Maintainer 2021 Oct 9 - 13, 2022 Jan 4 - 7. “Trim”, Third-party indirect contributor and package support, Jan 2022. Linkley, torrent seedboxer. Until January 9 2022.