pebble.rsPebble — A crate that allows Rust to be used to develop Pebble applications. is a crate that allows rust to be used to develop Pebble applications. It is compatible with SDK 3.0 and is known to work on the aplite platform. It should also work on basalt, but I don't currently have one to test.

To see an example application using, look here.

This is very much a work in progress and currently has very limited capabilities. But it does work ;)


As of now, this library requires a patch to the pebble sdk. When bundling the app, the pebble sdk parses the output of readelf with the assumption that there will never be more than 100 sections.

Some example lines from readelf:

  [ 1] .header           PROGBITS        00000000 008000 000082 00   A  0   0  1
  [11] .data             PROGBITS        00000e60 008e60 0000b4 00  WA  0   0  4

Note that the close bracket is at index 5 in both cases. As a result, in the process of parsing, the pebble sdk uses line[6:]. When the second numbers get to 3 digits, however, the close bracket is no longer in position 6, which breaks the bundling process.

Paths are relative to root of pebble sdk.

In file Pebble/.waf-1.7.11-cf7e1a867a97a34ac27942862f927bc2/waflib/extras/ (not sure if that hash changes, if it does update it to yours):


line = line[6:]

on line 71 to

if not ']' in line:


  • use submodules for rust
    use submodules for rust

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