Python-TinyBar: MacOS menu bar app to see prices of ASA pairs from


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? About

A simple MacOS menu bar app to display current coins from most popular Liquidity Pools on ?

⚠️ NOTE: This is a pre-release version, utility is under active development.


? Quick start

If you are looking for quick executable installation refer to links below:


Be aware that by default the tool displays a USDC equivalent of ALGO after performing a swap between 1 UNIT of selected ASA and ALGO.

  • - 5 Pairs available by default. (Available)
  • - Add any Asset by ASA ID. (Available)
  • ? - Custom base currency. (only ALGO at the moment)
  • ? - Code signed MacOS executables (TBD)
  • ? - CI/CD (TBD)

⚙️ Installation

(for devs/contributors only )

This section assumes that poetry and pre-commit are installed and executed from the root folder of this repository.

  1. Clone the repo
git clone
  1. Install python requirements
poetry install # install all dependencies
poetry shell # activate virtual env
  1. Configure pre-commit hooks
pre-commit install
  1. Run tinybar in dev mode
(.venv) PYTHONPATH="." python src/
  1. (optional) Build app executable
(.venv) PYTHONPATH="." python3 py2app

? Testing


?‍♂️ Contribution guideline


⭐️ Stargazers

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    Dependency Dashboard

    Jan 3, 2022

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  • Improve CI pipeline to produce release artifacts
    Improve CI pipeline to produce release artifacts

    Jan 4, 2022


    Feature request


    Each PR merge to main triggers a pipeline that produces release artifacts for all popular MacOS versions (Intel | M1). Executable doesn't have to be code signed yet, it can be done as a consequent improvement.

    enhancement help wanted good first issue 
  • Add unit tests
    Add unit tests

    Jan 4, 2022


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    Configure Renovate

    Jan 3, 2022

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  • Feature: Custom asa search options (0.2.0)
    Feature: Custom asa search options (0.2.0)

    Jan 2, 2022

    Proposed changes:

    • Adds ability to search for any ASA/ALGO pair on tinyman
    • Added About page
    • Minor refactoring
    • Setting up initial github actions pipeline with pre-commit
  • Add Yieldly (YLDY)
    Add Yieldly (YLDY)

    Jan 7, 2022