Rust-Pw: pw — CLI password manager with no frills


  • pw list all entries
  • pw add add new entry
  • pw del delete entry
  • pw <name> generate password for entry; name can refer to either an entry's name or shortened name
Can I still create entries with names add and del?

You can, but you won't be able to reference it to generate a password. Suck it up :p

All data is stored in the user's home directory under the filename .pw.json by default. You can overwrite the path with the PW_PATH environment variable.

How do I stop people from messing with my data?

Each entry is tamper-resistant (see crypto), but that won't stop somebody from deleting entries, duplicating entries, or malforming the data in general. I'd suggest setting read-only permissions for your user, since list and generate are read-only operations. When you want to add or delete entries, just run as superuser.


Each entry is individually encrypted and authenticated with ChaCha20/Poly1305. The key is derived with Argon2id from the master key and a randomly generated 16-byte salt. The plaintext is the UTF-8 encoding of the password. The additionally associated data consists of the entry name, shortened name, and extra data. The exact construction is SHA256(name) || SHA256(short) || SHA256(extra) to avoid collisions.


cargo +nightly build --release

The binary is located at target/release/pw.