Python-Python gotalk: A Gotalk implementation in Python.


Author: Greg Taylor
License: BSD
Status: Early development, Stalled (gotalk dev itself seems to have ceased)
Gotalk Version: 01

python-gotalk aspires to be a Python implementation of the Gotalk protocol. It is currently in the early goings, so you probably don't want to use this for anything serious.

As of this second, this module contains everything needed to form or parse gotalk messages. Unlike the Go reference implementation, we don't have any convenience stuff to tie it all together and make it work... yet.

As noted above, python-gotalk currently supports only protocol version 01. Given that gotalk 01 is still evolving, this is a bit of a moving target currently.


Coming soon, hopefully!


This project, and all contributed code, are licensed under the BSD License. A copy of the BSD License may be found in the repository.


  • Is this project maintained? or have a future plan?
    Is this project maintained? or have a future plan?

    May 18, 2016