Javascript-Skean latest: Wireless-first 44-key split keyboard with the Jian's stagger and the Corne's thumb cluster


Skean 0.1

The Skean is a 44-key split keyboard inspired by the Jian (stagger, pinky and controller footprint) and the Corne (thumb cluster). The module placement was inspired by pashutk's kbd533 project.

The Skean is a fully wireless split built with E73 nRF52833 modules. It's got side-mounted power and reset switches, USB-C ports, fuses and ESD protection. It also has 310 mAh batteries in each half - about three times the capacity of a typical "under the nice!nano" battery. Despite all that, with specific switches (Alps, Matias or Gateron Cap) and thin PCBs it can be built with 8 mm. standoffs - the same thickness as a regular hotswap Corne. You are giving up the hotswap capability, but not much else.


  • Wireless with a built-in E73 module
  • ZMK support (currently via a config repo)
  • Fuses and ESD protection
  • MX or Alps compatibility
  • Meant for 233350 310 mAh batteries
  • Math-generated silkscreens on some case/plate versions
  • 6 column version also available for 100x150 PCB promos


You can download Gerber and DXF files in the releases section. More images are also in Actions builds.



The bootloader is available in the Releases tab. Please refer to the nrfmicro wiki for the flashing instructions. It's the same as the nrfmicro_833 bootloader with a modified USB device name.

Default firmware files are also there, and you can use the Skean zmk-config branch for customisation.

BOM/Build instructions

Please refer to the public Skean wiki.

For building the artifacts locally you need Docker. Just run the script.

However, everything is built in Actions. Check the Actions tab or releases for files not linked here.


Version 0.2

Full 7-column PCB



front back
front back

6-column version



front back
front back

Case gerbers

Case files for laser cutting

All the case files labeled "plastic" have the switch holes adjusted(0.25 mm. smaller in both dimensions). If your laser cutter has different tolerances - adjust them and re-run the build script.