Python-Dj snake: Django command to load fixture without overriding existing objects with same primary key


Installing fixtures with django's loaddata command overrides objects with the same primary key. While this is not a problem if you are installing the fixtures against a fresh DB with no data but in case you have existing data then loading the fixture can be problematic as all the existing rows with the same primary key will be updated with the new data from the fixture(s) Using djloaddata to install fixture ensures that no existing rows will be touched and all the objects will only be inserted while preserving all the relations between model objects.

Note: Currently djloaddata does not support circular or self-references but it will be added in the upcoming release.


Python 3.6 to 3.10 supported.

Django 2.2 to 4.0 supported.


First, install with pip:

python -m pip install dj-snake

Second, add the app to your INSTALLED_APPS setting:


The app adds a new management command named djloaddata.


python djloaddata fixture [fixture ...]


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