Javascript-Procedural plants: Breed procedurally generated plants based on their DNA

Procedural Plants

Breed procedurally generated plants based on their DNA

Great toy for boring meetings :)

Try it out!



  • Open in browser
  • Click on breed button ( ? ) of one individual and then on breed button ( ? ) of another
  • Potentially wait a few seconds
  • You should now have a new generation based on those two individuals
  • Repeat and have fun

Known Problems / Improvement opportunities

  • Depending on the DNAs of the population it might take a little while to render. I didn't spend time to optimize it much sorry.
  • Depending on the DNA some individuals might become a little too big to fully fit onto the screen or overlap each other.
  • Some aspects could be further tied to the underlying DNA model to allow for more variety. See TODOs.
  • I hacked this together as a proof of concept and deliberately decided to have it all in one file.


  • Feel free to open issues to bounce ideas
  • Make PRs if you improved something
  • Let me know if you based your work on this. Would love to see. Credits optional but appreciated.