Javascript-Knowledge atlases: Catalogue of portals that maps out roadmap for self learners

Knowledge Atlases

Catalogue of portals that map out roadmaps for self learners



A package manager for knowledge


Metacademy uses a dependency graph of concepts to create personalized learning plans for machine learning and related fields.

Metacademy was built by Roger Grosse, an assistant professor of computer science at the University of Toronto and Colorado Reed, PhD. student at the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research. You can read about their philosophy for building it here:


Learn Anything




Learney is a tool for creating maps of knowledge in the form of skill trees. A good demonstration of its features can be seen from the map they have built for machine learning:

It is built by Matthew Phillips and Henry Pulver. You can read their whitepaper here:



Cover for Open Syllabus

OpenSyllabus tracks some 7 million course syllabi all over the world and has plotted books used for teaching as a map metricized by citations. David McClure, CTO of OpenSyllabus has written a blogpost on the making of this visualization over here: