Cpp-Symflower kakoune: Unit test generation for the Kakoune editor with Symflower


Symflower fully automatically generates high coverage unit tests for your source code: revealing bugs and security issues while you are coding. You can equip legacy projects with strong test suites and streamline your TDD workflow with automated test case generation to find every edge case. If you are interested in our secret sauce, take a look at our website on https://symflower.com/.

This plugin integrates Symflower CLI into the Kakoune editor (version 2019.07.01 or later), so you can generate unit tests while you write code.

symflower-kakoune in action


  1. Install Symflower CLI

  2. Load rc/symflower.kak:

    git clone https://github.com/symflower/symflower-kakoune
    mkdir -p ~/.config/kak
    echo "source $PWD/symflower-kakoune/rc/symflower.kak" >> ~/.config/kak/kakrc

    Alternatively, use plug.kak:

    plug symflower/symflower-kakoune


  • The symflower command generates tests for source files in the current directory.
  • The symflower-alternate-file command jumps between a source file and the generated test file.
  • The symflower-enable command enables unit test generation on save.
  • The symflower-disable command disables unit test generation on save (default).

Quick Start

Create a new directory and put the following file Copy.java in it:

mkdir sandbox
cd sandbox
cat > Copy.java << EOF
class Copy {
    static String[] copy(String[] from, String[] to) {
        for (int i = 0; i < from.length; i++) {
            to[i] = from[i];

        return to;
kak Copy.java -e symflower

This should write unit tests for Copy.java to CopySymflowerTest.java.

Supported Languages

  • Go 1.16
  • Java 1.8


Check out our tutorial at https://get.symflower.com/ to get a quick glimpse on how Symflower helps you implement features and fix bugs.


  • Kakoune editor (version 2019.07.01 or later)
  • Supported operating systems:


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