React-Periodic weather analytics: ⚡️ A high performance Preact based PWA providing an overview of information from Periodic Weather.

Periodic Weather Analytics

About one month after the release of the Periodic Weather PWA it's time for something new. Many unique locations have been added worldwide and web push notifications with weather information have reached people a lot of times. This Progressive Web App was created to deliver an overview of all the added locations with their current weather status while exploring the challenges that come with it during development to keep performance high.


  • Small in size (20kb shell) based on Preact.
  • Responsive loading strategy with an opt-in map for mobile.
  • High performance scrolling through hundreds of locations with Preact Virtual List.
  • Network handling by changing UI, notifying the user and toggling features.
  • SSR to deliver a functional experience without Javascript (pagination + search).
  • Google Map with clustering and weather icon based markers.
  • Real time search to filter locations (list and clusters).
  • Back button support for closing search and map (on Android devices).
  • Offline Support, Add To Homescreen and near instant repeat visits.