Cpp-ConsoleSoftware: General repository for all code (games, BIOS, etc) that runs within the Vircon32 console itself

Vircon32: Console software

This is a general repository containing all Vircon32 sources for any software running on the console itself.

This includes:

  • Games
  • Demos
  • Tutorials and examples
  • The BIOS
  • The C compiler's standard library

However, it does not include any PC software related to Vircon32 such as the following:

  • Emulator
  • Development tools

In general, these projects have been written following a clear structure and using many comments. That way they can serve as practical examples for anyone wanting to learn how to create games for Vircon32.

Where to learn about Vircon32?

If you are not familiar with Vircon32, a 32-bit virtual game console, you can visit its website www.vircon32.com for more information. There you will also find everything you may need to try ouy the console and to make games for it.