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WallUp ?️ Wallpaper finder and downloader app Demonstrate the Jetpack Compose UI using Unsplash API Made with ❤️ by Enes UI Design ? Thanks to Rian


storyblok-mp-SDK-blog ... a showcase of using the Storyblok Kotlin Multiplatform Client to build a blog application (Android, JVM) What's included ?

Android Hacking Method 2022


Program Features - ? Hack all Android phones. - ? Failure to detect antivirus. - ? Superior encryption - ? Source provided - ? 100 ٪ FUD - ? It


ZATAC Scanner ZATAC Scanner is kotlin-based QR code scanner and parser which de-crypt TLV qr codes and parse them into their values, provided by https


Expo WalletConnect Demo Without ejecting, we're able to connect an Expo app to MetaMask via WalletConnect. What do these changes consist of? Polyfilli


TikTok Clone A Tiktok App- Works on Android & iOS! Features Authentication with Email & Password Uploading Videos with Caption Compressing Videos Gene

Play phigros in modern web browser


这是什么? 这是一款名为“Phigros”的节奏游戏。 原来的版本只能在移动设备(Android/iOS)上运行,但有了这个,Phigros 可以随时随地运行,只要有网络。 如何贡献 如您所见,游戏还没有完成,具体体现在“谱面少”和“性能差”。 为谱面做贡献 首先Fork这个仓库到你的账号,这一步需

Luan Batista
Flutter Facebook Responsive UI - Web & Mobile: Android | IOS


Facebook Clone Responsive UI - Flutter Web & Mobile: IOS | Android Web Version with Flutter! This web version uses flutter. Mobile Version: Android |


macOS development environment setup: Easy-to-understand instructions with automated setup scripts for developer tools like Vim, Sublime Text, Bash, iTerm, Python data analysis, Spark, Hadoop MapReduce, AWS, Heroku, JavaScript web development, Android development, common data stores, and dev-based OS X defaults.


This application is build by Prince And Team as a part of Andriod Study Jams Facilitator : [email protected] Problem Statement: As there’s a rise in


WordMasterKMP Kotlin Multiplatform sample heavily inspired by Wordle game and also Word Master and wordle-solver samples. The main game logic/state is


This is a Bluetooth operational Chat-App developed using Kotlin which shows the list of available devices nearby and paired devices, upon clicking you can start chat ... VOILA ?? It is still in its early stages of development and currently let user to one-time chat at a time. It is under heavy development ?


Titanium Amplitude Module A lightweight module to use the native Amplitude SDK's in Titanium. Example import Amplitude from 'ti.amplitude'; // Initia

Juhyung Park
Android mirror manifest for CodeAurora


CodeAurora mirror manifest This repository provides a cron-updated manifest for mirroring all of CodeAurora Android-related repositories. How to use m


AndroidKlipperScreen a simple writeup /installer script to use android Devices and a UI for KlipperScreen for RaspberryPI Thanks to JHS on the Klipper

Süleyman Yasir KULA
Localize your Unity app's name and/or icon on Android & iOS


Unity Localized App Title Discord: https://discord.gg/UJJt549AaV Support the Developer ☕ This plugin helps you localize your app's name and/or icon on

Jonathan Scott
Bypass Auth Android Data Wipe


PHONE HACKING SEASON 2 - Episode 1 THE NFC DATA WIPE Authors: Jonathan Scott @jonathandata1 & Darcom CURRENT VERSION 2.1 About Jonathan Scott My name


A blogging mobile application built with Kotlin using MVC design pattern and Take some advantage of Jetpack , View & Data Binding It's a mimic for Tum


PackageInstaller 静默升级 演示应用 用于检测 PackageInstaller API 是否正常的测试应用。 该 API 自 API 级别 21(Android 5.0)起可用。 从 API 级别 31(Android 12)起,PackageInstaller 支持静默升级。 M


Todo.txt for Android The official Todo.txt Android application by Gina Trapani and the Todo.txt community designed to manage your todo.txt file stored


Brave Browser Overview This repository holds the build tools needed to build the Brave desktop browser for macOS, Windows, and Linux. In particular, i


Uber: UI Clone with Expo Features Expo SDK 44 iOS and Android React Navigation v6 PropTypes Install & Build First, make sure you have Expo CLI install


Spotify Lite - React Native Based on the Spotify Lite app for Android. Features Home feed (recently played, featured playlists and your top artists).


Bitwarden Mobile Application The Bitwarden mobile application is written in C# with Xamarin Android, Xamarin iOS, and Xamarin Forms. Build/Run Require


KeyboardBeautify Awesome keyboard animator that supports Android SDK 23 ✨ This library was created based on the android/user-interface-samples. Previe


Build Variant App ? ? ? Build variant is a feature of Android Studio to create a project which can be build in different versions. By using Build V


PAD (Process Android Dumper) This dumper is made for il2cpp game but you can use it in any app you want How To Use Run the process Open PADumper Put p

Android is World.


Havit-Android ? 콘텐츠를 저장하는 가장 쉬운 방법, Want it? Save it, Have it! 역할 ? 효림 : SaveActivity + 푸시 알림 유빈 : HomeFragment 혜인 : CategoryFragment 나영 : WebviewFr